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hey there i dont get much time to get on this forum very often (think the last time i got here was when i joined deathwish and triv and mikedht84 for the llandovery meet in my evo but replaced that with a r33 since then )but i thought id post this up see if any of the welsh lot would be interested theres a lot of pics and videos on the main site

Drift-Inc Session 2, 7th [email protected]

Right then folks we are now ready to start booking for Session 2, which is Sunday 7th March....Same as before but different , we will collect a list of names on this forum as normal, the difference being this time that when you pay your name will appear on the main drift-inc web site. This system is to make it fair for everybody on a first pay, first come basis.
A few guys missed out last time thinking that our entries were full, but we had spaces left over due to late cancellations.

All the info here

Remember only 25 entries permited to maximise seat time and 5 on reserve to cover any no shows on the day...Very simple really.

the pilot sessions

the 1st sessions

sorry if posted in wrong place

cheers gordon

[email protected]
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