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What with the British Drift Championship bouncing around the country as well as many other Drift events going on this year, I thought it might be a good idea to have them all Linked in one thread. So here goes:

British Drift Championship (BDC) - The Premier Drift Championship in the UK
Round 1, Teesside 21st, 22nd April
Round 2, Norfolk 1st and 2nd of June
Round 3, Teesside 29th, 30th June and 1st July
Round 4, Lyddeen Hill 11th and 12th of August
Round 5, Also Trax @ silverstone. 2nd September
Round 6, knockhill

Northan Drift Championship (NDC)All Rounds are held at Teesside
Round 3, 26th and 27th August

Open Drift Championship (ODC) - This is true grass roots drifting held all over the country

Buxton ODC Dates:
Round 1 - 14th/15th April
Round 2 - 12th/13th May
Round 3 - 9th/10th June
Round 4 - 30th June/1st July
Round 5 - 28th/29th July
Round 6 - 1st/2nd September
Round 7 - 6th/7th October
Round 8 - 27th/28th October

Birmingham Wheels ODC Dates:
15th april
13th may
17th june
15th july
19th august
16th september
21st october
18 november

More info on ODC coming, thanks to Driftworks for these dates

Shows With Drifting - Many shows have Drifting as a prime attraction for the crowds, these can be judged competitions or 'Drift What ya Brung' (DWYB)

North East Motorfest 8th July

I'll keep this thread up to date during 2012, but please if you know of ANY drifting going on anywhere then post up in this thread and I'll add it to the list!!!!

Happy Slideing - Adam

Thinks he can Drift
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BDC rounds 1,3 and 6 for me this year :)
done BDC R1, was ill at 2 (actually went but was REALLY ill)... I'll be at 3 and probably 4,5 and 6!
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