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Hello all you Skyline buddies.This is Michael from Bulgaria.I have a R33 drift machine and i decided to post some info on it in oreder to get some advices,tips,recommendations about
modifing it and about getting better performance of the engine and suspension.I currently own a Performance shop with my man and lots of parts are avaiable most of them used on the car already
We directly import them from China so there are not a lot of fancy brand parts on the car exept the ones that were put on the car when i bought it from the UK.There are 2-3 cars in my country and specific
info i really hard to find so i hope you can help me with some solutions and problems.The biggest problem is that
it is the only one used on track.I drive it only on the Track so i can make whatever will affect the performance of the car in good way
So the thing that were fitted on the car when i got it were:
R33 RB25DET Spec 1 with 365Bhp and 323ft/lb

1.Apexi Ax53 turbo
2.Cusco strut brace
3.Cusco caster arms
4.HKS Air Filter Kit
5.SplitFire coilpacks
6.HKS inter cooler kit
7.2 way LSD diff- i do not know what brand it is ...but afrter i take it down for revision i hope i will be able to tell
8.ARC Blow Off valve
9.Adjustable Fuel Pressure Regulator - unknown brand
10.Bosch 650hp fuel pump
11.Exedy clutch kit (ceramic i guess)
12.Front Bumper and Side Skirts unknown brand
13.GTR Rear Wing
14.Glassfiber fron hood with air vent
15.Blocked HICAS
16.Greddy E01 Boost Controller
17.Full stainless steel exaust with 3" donpipe and 4" catback
18.18" Taiwan made wheels 8.5" rear and 8" front

After some drift events ...when concerning that this was my first RWD car adn my first attempts in drift some things
were getting apart so i needed to change them and the modifications were on their way.So the things that i made are not so impressive
but i think they are effective :) so the list is

1.Zeal Coilovers not with camber arms but with aluminum mount
2.Polyorethane Bushesh on the coilovers
3.Replaced Rear Axel and Diff bushesh with metal ones (alloy as you call them)
4.Modified Steering Rack for more angle
5.Modified Upper Arms for more camber
6.Hydro Hand Brake custom made by me
7.New Intercooler 600*300*76 from our shop
8.New Silicone Hoses and piping form our shop
9.New Silicone Vaccume Hoses
10.Silicone Water Hoses
11.Oil and Water Temp. gauges from our shop
12.Oil pressure gauge
13.Mechanical Boost Meter
14.OMP replica Steering Wheel
15.4 point 2" wide seatbelts
16.Interior Stripped
17.New Steerign joint and rear wheel bearing hubs
18.Powder coater engine bay elemnts
19.Removed Air Con.
20.Custom made front bumper
21.GlowShift Wideband Lambda Kit
22.Hood holder (how do you call them)
23.NGK BKR9EIX sparkplugs

This is what i did till this day....i plan on more modification but for some things I am bit confused dont know what to do
and where to start from at this point i have reached.I hope you can help me

1.Before the new season will fit Bucket seat and Momo Drifting Steering wheel
2.I need more power ....but i dont know how much i can get more ....the car had strange problems with the Greddy but i
fixed them but not as it was set....also after 1.20 bars the car stalls like i hit a wall for a second ....continues ...adn again the walll..
not sure but it is either the way that the car was mapped to cut the boost....or the MAF ....or something else...
Also i am not sure if the injectors were changed i can tell ?....I will be happy with 400lb/ft....but i do not know
if i can reach them with this modifications and upping the Turbo pressure to 1.5 and better mapping of the ecu if it is capable of course...i need MAF i guess....By the way
the car A/F ratios are from 10-11.5 but i think it is quite rich....i also think it is done some kind of mapping
just to hold things together becase i am almost sure there was stand alone Engine management but it was taken off
I have many thing to clear out and i hope you can help me .
3.I need to change all the bushes with much harder cos now theese are stock exept for what i have changed...i am not sure if it is worth
getting aftermarket camber arms fron .rear,,, upper lower arms ....anti roll bars and so on at this point i have reached.

This is it for now guys .I will wait for you opinion tip recomendations....please feel free to advice me for anything.
Here are some pictures of the car before I got it and after;

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