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Morning all,
i was wondering if any of you guys were interested in a small time sponsorship of me and my r33 (drift) im going for my bdc licence this year and will be competing in next years bdc. On that note i currently go around all the practice tracks and fine tune my skills ready for the big judgement day of licensing, i am currently sponsored by a graphics company called DDSKINS and Kp Flocking. i am now looking to all of you traders to see if any of you are able to offer any kind of sponsorship no matter how small. the car is currently running approx 300hp, it has just had a new 5 paddle clutch put in and a stronger flywheel, its also had uprated fuel pumps put in and a few other tweaks so it performs, what i am after is parts to help me and my drifting out, and in return you will get placement on the car.also if you have any merchandise i can advertise/wear. i am being recorded at santa pod in septemeber by a videographer of name Cradddy Media, he will be interviewing me about the car and current sponsors i already have, i plan on this being a very long term passion as it has been in my life since i was in nappies. i've got a lot of practise days coming up where there will be videographers and photographers capturing the dayss. and providing the car is up to scratch in time i will also be attending the Open Drift Champs. so i make a close and turn to you wonderful traders who currently help some of drift friends out, (Danni Murphy, Christian Lewis, Lawrence Taylor) i aim to be up with these guys next year so all help would be grately appreciated, the car is currently blank for livery/vinyl work, so you will have choice of placement please feel free to text me on 07738275317 or alternatively inbox me.

i hope you can offer some services to me
thank you for your time,,
Jon & Allegra(r33)
skylinr33 is online now
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