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DriftWhatYouBrung is a day at Santa Pod Raceway aimed at those who want a safe place to practice the basics of drifting without fear of kerbs or the cops :D

Free tuition is available from any of the DWYB regulars who are happy to give some pointers - many of the fresh starters who have attended so far have been able to link the whole track by the end of the day :nod:

There enough space for :

4 x Large Donut / Figure of 8 transition practice areas for Minimum queue time,maximum seat time (tm):cool:


DWYB Track - 2nd/3rd Gear layout with as few cones as possible :D


35 cars maximum


Gates open from 8.30am to 5pm with drifting from 9.30am to 4pm - no lunch break

No Noise restriction


Helmets recommended - not mandatory

Tyre changing £5 per rim + £2 disposal if needed

'Drift Rubber' will be on sale from £5 per tyre

There are toilet facilities on site and the Pod Shop will be open from 12 to 2pm selling drinks, snacks and **** as well as the usual stock. If you run short on fuel, 106 RON Cool Blue race fuel is also available from the shop :thumbs:


£50 per car - booking direct with Santa Pod here :

Santa Pod Ticket Shop


on phone 01234 782828 - the ladies on switchboard wont know any more info than is on the website so best off asking any Qs on here :dw:

Booking early is advised and if you make a booking and are unable to attend you will be given a credit for a future DWYB date - sorry no refunds

If your ticket does not arrive in post just in time collect one from main office before you drive up to track :cool:

£5 for spectators on the gate

Bring with you..

As many spare tyres that you can fit in the car
Jack and Tools
Petrol can
Baby wipes
CableTies :smash:

If its your 1st Drift day make sure you read this thread by Paz :thumbs: Basic Drift Day Prep

DWYB website :

DWYB - Drift What Ya Brung

DWYBs in 08

9 Jan

13 Feb

12 Mar

9 Apr

18 Apr - Skyline event : RWYB + DWYB - more info coming soon :thumbs:

14 May

11 Jun

9 Jul

13 Aug

10 Sep

8 Oct

12 Nov

10 Dec

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im going to get myself down to one of these after new year when i have some spare money, seems a waste as i only live about 20 miles away

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DWYB on weds is fully booked :D
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