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Are AFR we have a 2wd\4wd Dyno Dynamics chassis dyno, and we're mapping all the time.

With regards to engine management, we map pretty much all makes of ecu and we are approved dealers for HKS, Link and Syvecs\Life Racing.

HKS and Link are excellent, but personally I'm loving the Syvecs, it really is a step up from the average, and the pricing is very sensible !

We've just completed a big project on a Legacy estate, complete street sleeper with a 2.1, billet GT30, ported and polished heads, full fuel system etc and the Syvecs had no problem looking after the quad variable cam, drive by wire throttle, CAN comms, boost control, knock control etc. It's a very cool piece of kit, and the knock control is just awesome :yum:
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