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Rob, are you running a mapped RSP ECU ? what mods ?
I have...

Japspeed downpipe and sports cat, HKS cat back
APEXi power intake.
Gizzmo MS-IBC Boost controller
RSP Remapped ECU

Not power related mods..
Uprated ATF cooler
MV Automatics valve body for 0.2 second shifts.

Yeah boyeeeeeeeee
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and where they cross is your torque figure ,as far as i have been told,nice graph though
If the torque (ft lb) and power (bhp) are on the same scale (i.e. the same point on the graph gridlines shows 100bhp and 100ft lb etc. etc.) then the two lines should cross at 5250 rpm (this is because bhp = torque x revs essentially, with a fudge factor).
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