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Seen this on Ebay, what you gouys think? And are they easy to fit or is it a case of a proffesional and dyno job?
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Buy one from a trader on here..

You should be able to fit them.. Quite easy, But setting them up can be tricky if your not sure what to do... Best taking it to a Tuner

I personally prefer the AVCR....
Theres alot on there around the £200 mark, greddy, hks etc how much are the ones that traders on here supply?

Btw couldn't pm me all your settings if you do have a avcr could you please.

Just gathering as much info as poss cheers
AVC-R is the best you can get. The GReddy Profec is ok though. Temple Tuning is doing a special on them at the moment. Check out their section and give Vicky a shout if you want one.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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