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wich pipe do i cut?

Decided to rob the boost gauge off my RS as its just sat there rusting away & mount it in the Skyline but wich pipe do i T off? Anyone got a decent picture?
There`s soo many to choose from.

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Okay then... If its a mechanical boost gauge, you need to find the boost hose from the back of the plenum.

Not too familiar with the R33 (in fact, I don't have a clue), but on the R32 its at the rear of the manifold, to the right of the Brake servo and next to the idle control valve.

I can take pics and post em later if you like.

Now... The hose should run to a little black box thingy on the drivers side of the engine bay at the back (as you look under the bonnet). This little black box converts the pressure signal to an electrical signal to run the standard dash guage (again, R32 speak).

If its a mechanical guage, T into the rubber hose (I used a Halfrauds washer nozzle pipe Tee) and feed it into the new guage (thru the aperture in the drivers footwell down the back of the wing, bunged up with a foam thingy).
If its an electrical guage, you need to feed it off the wiring in the little black box. (which I have never done).

Hope this helps mate.... If you want pics I'll run out and take some.

If it blows up, no liability accepted.

If I am wrong, well, there's a shock.

Now, do I get a prize for most brackets in one reply, or for most incorrect spellings of gauge?

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Lovely jubbly. Gauge can be either mechanical or electrical so once i locate said box i`ll make up my mind. Probably just cut the pipe & get a plastic t though as thats easiest.

Thanks guys.
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