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Pulled from another forum...Food for thought.

The pro's of electric fans are:
- better efficiency of the engine, since it wont have to drive a fan when not needed. Fuel economy should be better. And a little hp gain could be seen.
- more space in the engine bay
- no "4x4 terrain vehicle sound (and clearer engine sound )
- better engine response

Con's of electric fans:
- less cooling power but still enough if done right.
- relies on electric components (does not have to be less reliable)

The pro's of viscous fans are:
- reliable
- speed depends on rpm and temp.
- keeps the radiator cooler?

Con's of viscous fans:
- always drain power (fuel) also when not needed.
- Noisy (4x4 terrain vehicle sound)
- uses a lot of engine space and does not look sporty (to me)

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Doesn't sound very accurate to me, people seem to forget that an electric fan also has a similar effect on both engine power and fuel consumption,
Electric fans draw big amps on start up 30amps + they take just as much to drive as viscus as the engine still has to turn the alternator when they are drawring power so on the balence they actually work out the same, the viscus fan is more eficiant in terms of cooling as they are designed to help keep the whole engine bay temps down rather than just the rads like electric, and i will add that the diference between the two on power etc is not noticable, i have converted to electric on a couple of cars and can say its not really worth it.
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