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electric fan removal

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is it safe to remove that electric fan on the radiator of an r33 gtst?

ive taken it off to fit an oil cooler in its place and was thinking now that my new turbo is only oil cooler the oil cooler will be dealing with most of the heat within the turbo and engine and that the radiator would be under less stress due to this, plus the viscous fan is always flat out so was thinking that that electric fan isnt needed?

just wanted to be sure though
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The radiator deals with the water side of things, So long as you have the original fan be it viscous or electric, it will be fine.
means you have no air conditioning now :)
is that all that fan does?

ive removed the main aircon unit ages ago, so taking that fan away isnt a problem :) nice one
It is the auxiliary fan for when the vehicle reaches 90 degree water temperature. With no A/C you should never see 90.
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