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ellesseinn build *update on post 1*

Bought a new daily driver in august (so sorry for the size of the pictures)
and sold my fiore which was awesome though atleast in snow with its hi-low 4 speed gearbox (fwd)

and bought
Merc benz 1988 190e
2.0 L (making alot of ticks and white smoke)
automatic (slipped here and there was full of sand and dirt)
brakes that didnt count as brakes since only one of them fully worked
not that much rust though (only rear arch front arch and sils)
hadnt been driven for the last 5 years
interior looked great... (just kidding, mold everywhere)
and had km on the clock
but suprisingly it worked

after buying sportline interior
buying rebuild kit for the calibers and new disks
new paint
fixing the rust
ignoring the shitty engine and the automatic transmission (for now)
etc etc etc

it went through MOT without any problems looked good, clean and perfect (ignoring the ticking noise and slipping automatic transmission)

the cat who came to visit me each day (i have no idea who is the owner or where it came from)

the paint booth

how it looks now

i don't like driving the skyline too much (its like my firstborn child, you would let your child skydiving... right?)

so i decided to make the w201 aka 190e a car with impact
so i gave myself an christmas present

also have an t-56 gearbox

for the rear end its going to be r200 differential with custom made axles (had to put some nissan in it) probably with nismo lsd

it might take a while to update since i'm working abroad and don't have much time at the moment (also collecting more... my preciousss.. *ehemm* parts for the swap and information)

going to drop it a little bit and put a little wider wheels... maybe 16x9 et0 :) (so tiny!)

ps. pictures might be too big (i don't have any sense of size any more damn you 5980x1080!) also they might not work properly just tell me and ill try to hook them up somehow better.


I see that german cars fick yah! and american bacon... i meant engines are not popular here, or my post might be lacking in IMPACT!

Anywho here is an update... been lazy or lets just say its going slowly as I'm living in Saudi Arabia and can only work on this on my holidays which I spend in Iceland.

the old gentlemen ran through the MOT in Iceland without any problem even the guy who was inspecting it thought it was really good considering the age

here is a picture of the LS1 and the T56 cuddling together

had a lot of problems finding the right wheels that I wanted... why would I want wheels with FWD offset and in same width as a wheel of an trolley?

but found something that should fit under (or at least I will make them fit!)

BBS replicas 16x9 et 20 all around

Put the engine up on the engine stand, so I dont have to be an hunchback while working on it :D
I found my artist gene tingling so I tried to find a spot for the benz star on the ls1
and took a instagram picture ( should i put hashtags and shizz also?)

after downsizing the engine a bit noticing how the engine looked alot better than expected... really clean and nice

now it sits in a plastic bag (bodybag)

the last picture before being bagged

Now im just waiting for the stuff that should go in the engine

hopefully I'm going to make atleast 400rwhp

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Lovely job mate. Did you steal the cat lol?
haha maybe I did :p

nice cat though came to visit each day and followed me around

on topic

Been looking around for front sump oil pan from GTO... had a close call on one at ebay, really popular oil pans :(

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might be someone who's interested...

Put the motor back together

G5x3 camshaft
BBK underdrive pulley
New gaskets
ARP bolts
Comp cams time gear
GTO oilpan
Melling Performance oilpump

The T56 was pulled apart and everything was exchanged with brand new stuff
Basicly the gearbox is 100% overhauled

the new wheels and tires

The goodies

and two of the battle with the t56

and the clutch
Exedy stage 4 hyper twin plate clutch

Gearbox nearly ready just need the bellhouse

V8 mercedes brake swap

Porting the ls1 heads

R200 diff vs stock w201 diff

Test fit


backplate in

Subframe nearly finished


new valves

new comp cams goodies put in the heads

And the heads are on

Added more strength for the subframe

Engine ready and waiting for the rest

Just need to make new solid bushings for the subframe and make some modifications to the nissan wheel hubs to mate with W201.

after that I can focus on the swap itself

here is one of the car how it looks at the moment

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impressive engineering skills, love what you've done so far.
looking forward to seeing the end result!

Most of the time goes into planning and figuring out how all of this will fit.

the bushings are nearly finished just need the last adjustments
Then I need to finish the sleeves for the Nissan wheel hubs so they can mate happily with the mercedes bearings
I also have 2x right hand axles from 300zx (the shorter ones) and I've "de-stressed" the one who is going on the left hand.

Also took out my R33 after its hibernation over the winter


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Looking nice :). What kind of wing is that ?
I remember now... its Trust Gracer wing

but the subframe is complete now, and also my subframe bushings (forgot to take pictures of them) the bushings are made of Polyoxymethylene or POM


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Great project man! Love the work you've put into it. I hope you wont encounter to much problems trying to get the engine/trans to fit :)

Was it hard to revise the gearbox? I'm considering doing it myself but a bit afraid haha.

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Great project man! Love the work you've put into it. I hope you wont encounter to much problems trying to get the engine/trans to fit :)

Was it hard to revise the gearbox? I'm considering doing it myself but a bit afraid haha.
most hassle will be clearing the Left hand side exhaust manifold, but I have an rack and pinion from s13 to deal with that problem. modifications to the engine mounts and the tunnel for the gearbox is required

the T56 gearbox is really handy to work with since there are all kinds of information on the internet(Tremec T56 rebuild manual came in handy)
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