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i used the search but couldnt find a specific answer :(
ive got an r33 gtst and not sure on which oil to use in her
heres a quick specthat may make a difference:

induction kit
uprated wastegate
forged pistons and steel con rods (no proof tho)
metal head
stainless exhaust system
ball bearing turbo

any ideas please?

Any Danger!!!
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As above or Castrol Edge 10w 60 always used to work well in my GTST with 400bhp

Opie oils are traders on here and do us the best prices for oil so I would give them a call or pm

Yeah boyeeeeeeeee
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But why? Is it harmful even for road use?! :O
Decent oil is cheap as chips compared to a rebuild. Careful warm-up and cool-down routines along with regular oil changes using decent oil are about the most important things you can do with a decent car.
1 - 20 of 24 Posts
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