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Hi everyone!

Here comes a MASSIVE pic thread from then to now! And its still work in progress :)

SORRY for BAD english, its not my 1st language, så my grammar and spelling sucks.. anyway :)

This is how it looked when I got the car. Picked it up from "Skandiahamnen" in Gothenburg (Göteborg)
I bought it from Kent at Jap-City in UK. Very nice guy!

My new tires!

I got in a slight "sliding" accident and made som scratches on my bodykit, and I got help from a friend with the insurance part for new parts :)

The workshop was 300km from home, the reason why I wanted them to fix the car is that my buddy works there. Means getting decent work done on the car.

Picking up the car at Cajs Bilverkstad!

Lots of parts in the transporter!

18 Wheeler, almost ?

Home sweet home, Evolution Garage. Looking at what needed to be fixed and a bit of test fitting.

Sandra sanding of old glue that held the skirts in place!


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The new JUN-front!

Carbon fiber!

Carbon fiber pr0n=)

For you that remember the worn out ball joints can now relax, both have been changed. Only took about a year and 3 months ;)

Now it’s just to dig in, prying the corner of the back bumper.

It wasn’t easy but I won, Sikaflex 221 is tougher than you think.


And the classic exhaust bolt snapped in the engine block, so off with the exhaust manifold and turbo.

Turbo and exhaust dismanteld.

No indicator holes in the new JUN front bumper, coverd them in fibre glass just like the old ones. ?

More fibre glass

Installed the amp I bought at Elmia 2007 (A year and a half ago). Haven’t even tested it yet!

Original exhaust manifold and HKS turbo.

Another pic of the classic broken exhaust bolt in the engine block

Dusty dismantled engine.

The lower front beam had to make way for the intercooler ?

Working on the fibre glass wings with the worst fit imaginable!

Going to cover the indicator holes, want smaller neater indicators!

Cardboard backing to support the plastic when filling the hole.

No hole :)

Couple more pictures of the back corner of the bumper being glued.

The glas fibre on the inside has hardened and have filled the other side as well.

Same on the front!

More cardboard to mould against.

Glass fibre =)

Done! =)

Good result =)

Started installing phono cables for my stereo installation witch will be accompanied with a kit system in the front and coaxial in the back, four channel amp and car stereo.:)

Damn bolt!

Cleaned the top of the bolt with a dremmel so I could extend it by welding.

Welded a nut to the bolt.

And simply unscrewed it :)

New bolt attached. :)

Ball joint replaced!

There was a little play in the tensioner so I changed that as well.

New tensioner attached.

New fan cover :)

This could be fun?? BMW E34 projector lenses and Xenon 8000k (all new ? )

Now to pair them with what’s in the mysterious brown boxes!

Brand new front lights =D

New belts on the new tensioner :)

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Built a sand blaster box for the garage. =)

Inside =)

Sand blaster box =)

Garage dog, Matsi! :D

Now to rebuild the front lights! Made brackets in aluminium and attached the original reflectors!

Thumbs up =)

Disassemble :)

Sandra heated and I pried!

All in one piece! :)

Inserted the reflectors into the lamp house.

And here is the other one I prepared earlier! :D

Removed the full beam glasses so I would get a clear glass effect, worked a treat, can’t say the same for full beam thou, good job my Xenon works great.

Trying on one of my new rims! :D

Looking good! Perfect fit in the arces. Rusty disc, need to take her for a spin!

The Fast Ultralite nuts that came with the rim didn’t fit. They were to big to fit in the holes, luckily my old ones fitted but that wasn’t as fun.

New rims VS old ones

265/30R18 VS 215/40R17

Sanding of old glue on the other footstep.

Look, porn :D

Carbon fibre :D :D :D From Knight Racer in England!

Trying to fit the front wings. They didn’t fit at all from the beginning, bent, wrong shape, cracks, bad filler. U name it! :(

Attaching the wing

Fitting. Note the gap between the wing and the light, not acceptable. Need fixing.

Front trim on the bonnet between bonnet and front lights.

These lines are to be perfect! Same spacing and hight! This takes hours but will look better than when it left the factory! The whole front is now custom :D

More porn :)

The front bumper was to wide at the wheel arches. So I made small cuts, bent it into place and then used glass fibre to keep it there.

Glass fibre..

Other side =)

Disassembled engine compartment!

Rubbing down the glass fibre :)

Fitted a rim and front bumper. This is going to be wicked when finished. :D

Thumbs up =)

The front bumper isn’t quite in place yet but I love the rims. You can see the Greddy Grex brakes peeking out from behind the rim.:)

Then came Christmas, Blitz radiator, Greddy IC with pipes and a Greddy blow off valve:)

Greddy Type RS

assembly kit =)

Blitz radiator =) Porn for 9000 Sek :p

Greddy intercoolerkit!

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HPI extractor bought from RHD in Japan. Unfortunately it was caught in the Swedish toll (25% tax). 7000 Sek out of pocket. This insn’t the soft crap you buy from China, this is proper goods!


Internet is for Porn =)

Sandra fitting the airfilter. HKS Mushroom :)

Blitz radiator attached. New silicon hoses!

Sandra wiping the insides :)


Installing intercooler kit =)

Look’in nice! Bit grubby thou :p

Fitting the side skirts. Last year I hade troubles with the door scratching against the skirt so I sanded the top and added materiel underneath. Fingers crossed :)

Now for action!

Texon in action! Perfect fitting along the side of the bonnet and wing thank you!:)

I’m sanding =)


Doing as I’m told ;)

FRODIG Texon again.. =) Neat neat! =D

Grill is botched on and took her out for a spin, purring like a kitten on steroids :D

A lot done and a lot to go, but now resembles a car.

Not at all interested in a new paint job and all parts all fitted to perfection!
Inte alls sugen på att ha den färdiglackad och allt inpassat till 100%!!

I want to burn rubber!!!!!!!

Installed a heat protector on a hose near the exhaust, will change this for a heat resistant pipe in the future.

Engine bay

Rear :)

Washed my C4 as well, hit by the mail man when I was stand still :p

Carbon fibre ;)

Interior disassembled, new stereo in the works. :)

Playing with my camera...

Making brackets for the front wings and skirts. Made out of aluminium but will be hidden by the inner arch.

Not going anywhere


Time for the horns to move, bit to snug with the grill, oil cooler and ic.
Duraseal water tight.

Youre new home!

Tidying cables.

Fixed proper brackets for the grill, is now bolted to the front lights and original brackets!

Added some glass fibre, was a 2-3 mm gap there before!

Glass fibred by Sandra!

Sanded down

More sanding =)

Sandra’s evil eye, time to go home maybe?? :D

She needed some air so I took her for a spin. I couldn’t close the bonnet so Sandra taped it down for me so it wouldnät fly off.

And away we go :D

Low enough?? :D

Action shot =)

Dissecting again! Backlights and boot off!

Taken the trim of the rear window and starting to mask!

Little more glass fibre over the screw holes.

Sandra is sandning the boot

Lampan and Rikard windsurfing Evolution Garage style :D

Nutters :p

More to come!

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wow this is an impressive project,looking forward to future progress(i really like what you did with the e34 lights,very clever!!)

In sweden we drive on the other side than you guys do, so I have to modify the light, and why not do it good looking then :D I also have a xenon hid kit to be fitted. :D

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Mooooooore! :D

We started to sand the orange paint with 500 paper, to put the new paint right on it.

But it was strange to sand. Way to soft, and smelled thinner!

We called in Paul (yes he's an english guy!) and he could cut the paint away like cheese...

This is sick. This is not suposed to be possible on paint that is over 1 year old.

The orange paint wasent dry!! :(
Paul calls our standox-seller who comes over, and they are checking and discussing.. ALL PAINT MUST GO AWAY!

Anyway. That SUX. Bigtime.

Done with an little knife..


So it was just to get started! Masking..


Then we putted Strip-T over the whole car, and left it to do its job for a few hours. After that we startet to scratch..

We had to go over it with screwdrivers, knifes etc to scratch the paint, so that the Strip-T really could get to the bottom.

The whole car being painted with more strip-t mixed with flake-glue. (to stay on the car)

Texon works..

Johan works...

Then we put plastic on to make it smell less.

Back to work again..

20 hours work later, 4 persons..

Emma works to..

Riikard, Sandra and Me

More comes!! Stay tuned! :D

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Under plastic for the 5th round Stripp-T

This is 3 DAYS sanding later!

The whole body must go clean to the steel (hope you understand what I mean hehe)

Johan working..

The big surfaces was easy with machine, but the hard part where all the edges, holes, around windows, inside boot etc

Sandra in full working speed

You can hardly see what kind of car it is :(

Sandra worked a whole day, just around the boot lid

Johan, me and Emma working..

I sand around the door hinge

Johan trying to be funny.. ;)

I working...

Starting to get somewhere.!

Can you do this more proper? :)


Sandra sanding around the doors

Getting really nice

The body is really nice. No bumps or rust at all..

The whole body totally clean!

Drove the car over to PaintWorX where we started to masking the car againg. Sandra to the left and Paul and Texon to the right


Sandra masking..

Putted the car into the paintbox at PaintWorX's, where Texon and Paul cleaned the body extremly well. (silicone inferner)

Then Paul putted on a very strong rustdefender ground, no rust for 15 years the reseller said.. :D

Lovely to see the car in 1 color again..



Great everywhere!

Nobody can say that we have cheated now hehe Its done from the very bottom.

When it had dryed I drove it back to Evolution Garage :)

And had a little chat with my GF's Lupo :)

Started to do some work with the sideshirts. Everything must go TOP NOTCH!!!

Soft as a women.. :)

Me sanding..

hard hard work work!

When the sideshirts were done, we started with the rear bumper

I wanted the rear corners to be exact match, needed a lot of work

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It went out fine :)

Nice :)

Last touch before filler

Paul added extra gelcoat to the front

Texon blows all the dust off the front

Everyting in the paintbox, cleaning

Sideshirts with filler

Rear bumper

All parts. Guess the car in the background? Its one of those UK brands :p

When we had put filler on it, and got it out in the sun, we found a bump.

Paul fixed it.

Fixed some small dots etc..

The glue wasent enough here so we added some more.

Fixed.. The green is Würth stuff. Great to work with.

Paul found a bump, that we ordinary deadly wouldnt found, and he fixed it right away.

He also found a small bump in the rear right wing, and fixed that too.

Me and Sandra sands..

Paul does his magic!

Everything fixed and perfect!

Also the C-bar. (is it called so? :))

More comes soon!!!!!!

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even more wow!!!!!!
no one bothers to do a proper full bare metal respray nowadays,and paint is heavy stuff when youve got two lots on,superb job mate.
looks like you have a great bunch of people around to help out
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