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europe trip

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hey ppl me and a few mates have been debating whether or not we should go on a little road trip in about 2 months and so far we have thought about travelling from dover and going to France, Belgium and Germany. If we do decide to go which is looking veery likely then our final stop before we head back will be the Nurburgring racing curcuit. If anyone would like to give us idea,s of any different places to go en route then please let us know also if you would like to join then leave your name location to meet and make sure to regurly check this space as we will be giving up to date info as we get it. this is gunna be one hell of a ride.

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Just a quick update the route is going to be...

Dover to paris for the night
Paris to Nurnberg circuit for the day
Nurnberg circuit to Amsterdam for a night or two
Amsterdam to Ypress (belgium) to honour the fallen from all wars at menin gate.
Ypres to dover.

there will be some detours if need be along the way but still in the working out of that. the trip is around 1900 miles long.
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