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exhaust advice please screamer pipe or not.

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right guys i baught my car (r33) with a japspeed cat back performance exhaust but running a sports cat and a sports cat, so have just purchased a de-cat and a performance downpipe of fleebay, but now just leaves the situation of the turbo elbow, is the standard elbow restrictive and what type of elbows are available, will i gain or lose power by adding a screamer, or is just a b=higher flow elbow available, thinking power NOT noise.
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if you are on the standard turbo stick with the oe elbow,screamer pipes can be a nightmare to seal,it will sound like a tractor if its not perfect
im on standard turbo atm, wont be in a couple of months though. the standard elbow restrictive?
not in my experience,i had a screamer pipe on mine for a few months,much happier on the standard oe elbow,my screamer pipe is long gone
Standard elbow is not restrictive but a screamer pipe wont make any difference on restriction.

I took mine off as my screamer pipe was not holding boost properly and causing spikes.
Have to agree with KOH, screamer was good fun and probably upped the population of deft people. I'm still on standard elbow and running 400bhp and not had any issues :cheers:
In my experience, DO not bother with screamer pipes unless you have an external wastegate. even then, sometimes it is better to have the screamer pipe plumbed back into the exhaust :D
thank you guys! advise heat wrapping the elbow and downpipe?
Yep faster hotter gasses so spool up is slightly faster and less heat into the engine bay too
Heat wrapping the elbow and downpipe is a bad idea.
Yes, it probably will move the gasses that little bit faster but there will be a monumental amount of extra heat soaked up by the turbo. This leads inevitably to turbo problems and ive seen with my own eyes cracked turbo housings caused partially by heat wrapping the front section of exhaust.
Sell it to a few honda guys, they'll be mad for the extra 200hp it'l add lol!
I ran a zetec turbo for years at high boost with the turbo and exhaust and downpipe wrapped and it's still making 23 psi somewhere lol, so It's a bit subjective, The standard down pipe is shielded to a degree and so is the elbow, manifolds and exhaust Casings of turbo's do crack by there nature of heating and cooling even when no wrapping is present, so blaming the lagging totally on cracked turbo housings is not the whole story ;)
Age, amount of boost, the map of the car all contribute to premature turbo life too,
I spoke to Turbo technics a while back about removing a snapped of stud in the exhaust housing on our gtst, the advice given was to just get it re-built as most housings are cracked if original and spark erroding it was un-economic, most of the turbo's they re-build get a new housing anyhoo.
I didnt totally blame it al on heat wrap matt, i said it was only a partial contribution to the problem.
Were dealing with a car thats nigh on 15years old so the effect of heat wraping the exhaust can prove an expensive mistake in cairtain cases.
Yeh true bud, TBH they do well to last that long anyhoo
I had a screamer.. Was on for a while but couldnt get used to it.. Sold it within the month

I wouldn't by another .
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