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can someone explain me the whole exhaust system.. and what the splitfires are..or is... and turbo elbow.. thx..

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SPLITFIRES: a newly developed ignition tuning systems designed exclusively for RB, SR, VG, B6, BP engine cars.
It enhances the efficiency of combustion, meaning you’re able to boost the combustion and brings more power. They also create more torque by providing a higher voltage charge to the engine, which stops the boost ‘blowing’ out the spark. By opening the spark plug gap the total horsepower output is increased.
It is suitable for various stages of driving such as for racing circuit and for town use because it is effective for both high and low RPM.
Applicable for cars of normal type and also for fully tuned up type. Enjoy up-graded driving with SplitFire Performance Ignition Coils.

Why SplitFire
Increases power and torque
Dramatically increases ignition output
Prevents high boost blowing out spark
Decreases ratio of incomplete combustion events
Suppresses voltage drop down of secondary ignition
Allows much larger plug gaps increasing power further
Improves fuel economy
Improves emissions
The most affordable ignition upgrade on the market

and the exhaust system consists of first the turbo elbow then down pipe then catalitc converter then the rest of the exhaust pipe which i think has three boxes on it, most people up grade the exhaust system as the standard one is fairly restrictive
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