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Fairly quiet R33 cat back exhaust, good condition.

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This came off my R33 just after it was imported. Wasn't used in UK for long so its in great condition. Sitting in my garage taking up space so to get rid of it anyone want it for £80? Cheap for a good exhaust.

Its pretty quiet, but does have a sporty note, around maybe 80db (at a guess). You could always chop the centre silencer out :) Tip is around 4.75 inch and its 3 inch bore.


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I'll snap that up if it fits! Do you know if it will fit on an R34 GTT?
yes it will fit an R34 GT-T,however you will need to get new exhaust hanging positions welded on and cut the current ones off,if that makes sense?
Ok great, I'll come and have a look. When will you be free? I've Thurs Frid and Sat off work.
I'm in Nottingham so less than an hour away.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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