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Well lads...and laddies?
I'm organising an inter site photo competition....yes you read that correctly.

In an attempt to showcase the best of the Irish car scene has to offer by inviting the main Irish car sites to join in a bit of friendly competition.
A photo competition.
How it will go down:
Each site I will put up the exact same thread (this one) inviting one photo of a member’s car (one photo per member)
This photo can have been taken by the member him/herself or by any of the many talented site photographers around (The member must have permission in advance to use the photo if taken by a photographer.
This will be a once off thing with the theme set as:
“A day in the sun”
Part 1:
This thread will be open until say the 10th of July (exactly one month from now) so put your pics on this thread....the one your reading now lol

All top 3/5 from each site will be added to a poll and the vote will take place,and an overall winner announced in late July.
No prizes involved just a great bit of fun and a chance to show off your pride and joys.

Photo Rules:
-Has to be your own car
-The car has to be still 'alive' and in your ownership
-The theme is "A day in the sun".This is very open to interpretation but please no photo's of your car at a meet sitting in a row in a car park,basically any picture of your car on a clear day like,a bit of sun wouldn't hurt.
-The photo does not have to be taken by you,it can have been taken by the many photographers out there eg. The like of ShiftJunkies,FreshFix,JuiceBox,CR Photography,PDP,Low Life,AW etc etc etc BUT please make sure you get their permission to use their photo of your car! As this is very important (If I have a picture of your car on my FB page,use it if you wish)
-All entries must be in by The 10th of July
-A member who is on several sites can enter the same photo on all sites if he/she wishes to increase the chance of advancing to the inter site competition part.
-If your friend has a car he wants to show off is not a member of the participating forums,you can send me the picture to this Facebook page where I will be picking the top 3/5 myself for an 'non affiliated' group.

Remember respect everyone else's cars,no need for posting negatively about other's cars etc
Your car doesn't have to be 'a mint yoke' so don't be afraid to throw up a pic on this thread!
Looking forward to seeing what great cars we have in this country and best of luck to everyone.

Any questions,don't hesitate to ask

So any interest to throw a few Irish Skyline's in the mix, the competition so far is between,Honda Haven,Toyota Owners Club,JDMEnthusiasts-irl.
A thread going on Irish Nissan owners club tomorrow and many more to come.

If interested post a pic of your car below :dogpile:
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