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Wow, these guys are really surprising me here with their bad customer support....

i sent them $20 to sign up to their egroup almost a month ago and i never got an email from them

i then emailed EVERY email adress on their website MULTIPLE times asking wtf is taking so long and NOTHING

few days ago i filed a dispute on paypal and STILL nothing....

does anybody know how the hell to reach these guys? maybe a phone number?

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admin_contact_name: Glen Sandbrook
admin_contact_address1: PO Box 23255
admin_contact_address2: Papatoetoe
admin_contact_city: Auckland
admin_contact_country: NZ (NEW ZEALAND)
admin_contact_phone: +64 9 278 9816
admin_contact_fax: +64 9 277 6771
admin_contact_email: [email protected]
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