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FC Tuning in Holland - Session 14

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To my fellow Europeans, once again.. Sorry if you missed Session 13 (its been and gone and filled fast before I could even Post it on my blog , here or DW

Im currently planning my 2013 Schedules and what will be my 14th European FC Tuning Session @ DP Engineering, Holland

No official date has been set yet however Im scheduling the session for around Early February Time - EVENTS page for more info on whats going on in 2013

Some information about my friends DP and their setup:

* DP Engineering has an even newer setup as they have recently moved to new premises
* Weather depending, Matt, Raymond and myself rustle up a great BBQ to - see previous pics on Welcome to Facebook
* DP Engineering are well equipped to deal with pretty much any issues on an engine on site not that we generally see any.
* Their Siemens controlled Solidworks designed cooling system is possibly one THEEE BEST ive seen out of the numerous dyno's ive used to tune engines on - this makes for excellent steady state tuning which I like to do alot of and ensures the engines stay nice and cool (upto 130mph winds if needed )

So with the above, combined with an excellent acceurate and repeatable DynaPack Hub Dyno (NO SLIP AT ALL) you can be sure of a true set up, superb engine cooling under high rpm stead state tuning and virtually perfect wind simulation conditions to your Front Mount intercooler and general cooling system whilst having your engine and ecu setup by myself

It really is the perfect choice for any big boy setups, even for just a engine power run and basic check up and engine diagnosis.


Expeditieweg 14-05
6657 KL

Phone +31 487 506045


For those of you based in Europe and Holland in particular that are unaware, - Whether your a Drifter, Drag Racer, Track Go-er, Street Driver - DP-Engineering is an company specialise in designing, fabricating and tuning complete turbocharger systems and associated products for predominantly mainly, Citroën and Peugeot engines but they cater for all types of vehicle

'Dave and Pete' are both top geezers, very knowledgeable, very helpful, polite and experienced in what they do and provide and over the few years they have become very good friends and european tuning associates whom I can trust when it comes to them prepping any engines on my behalf. I've alot of respect for them both and more so their non politics 'get on with it' attitude which why they will always be top of my list, as they work the way I work. No nonsense!!

Its only naturally that I continue to host my FC Tuning European Sessions @ 'DP Engineering', Holland. They are and will be always first choice. So if you dont know of them then get to know!

If you are interested then please use this thread to post (any of you that have been to visit and have been asking me questions left right n centre know the drill.

So if you are interested in getting set up & looked after then by all means feel free to get your name down.

eg format....

your name - chassis model - engine code - ecu management

Steve - S13 - CA18DET - Haltech Platinum Sport 1000

Many Thanks & ill look forward to seeing new face as well as old........


If you are interested in participating in the tuning session, then simply list your brief info below
and also be sure to complete my contact form on FC Tuning
(click CONTACT and make reference to this link in the text area. Thanks)

The sessions always take place on a weekend (Saturday/Sunday)

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Sorry been meaning to update this for a good while, those that got in contact via email, sorry to say the session is FULL and there is no space FREE.. however another session will be setup for AUGUST/SEPTEMBER.. Howerv if I can get back to Holland sooner then I will
pics of the session will be uploaded here in a day or so along with some nice video footage. feel free to check them out :)
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