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Maccer's R34 (Spec list) and Pics continuation!

Spec list R34
RB 25 Neo 2.5 Turbo Running 305BHP
NGK Iridium Spark plugs
Front Mount Inter-cooler D1 Style set up
Polished Inlet Pipes
Polished Radiator brackets
Boostjunkies SFS Breather hose kit in HKS Purple
Stock double din Radio and Mini Disc Player.
Center console and door trims resprayed in body colour
Tiptronic semi Automatic
Limited Slip Diff
Traction Control
Cruize 136 alloys
8.5j front Nangkang tyres 254/35 ZR 19s
9.5j Rear Nankang tyres 275/30 ZR 19s

Sorry about the 2 parter but it's the only way that I can post it up. Hope you enjoy the article, and the pics, she's changing quite a bit already. Thanks for your patience. Cheers all.

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Looks great Maccer.

Where the chuffin'ell did you get the World Record Stickers from buddy???


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hi all at total nissan have just piced up the new issue and noticed that not only had i been entered in totol nissan idol but i also had a readers drives write up .i did not no that it was going to be in there and it was a very good shock to turn the page and see my car it makes the months of hard work seem more worthwhile and i am very proud of our efforts .so once again big thanxs to all at total nissan:dogpile:

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just got the new issue today and my car has the front cover and an eight page spread over the moon with it thanks again to Maccer,for talking me into doing a feature and to everyone at Total Nissan who thought it was worthy of the cover,'ve made an old man very happy,lol,..cheers guys

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Ok guys sincere apologies but with all the bad stuff going on in my life at the mo I'm hopelessly playing catch up. So without furhter a do, here are the past few features for those that have missed them

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Twoskylife's feature cars Part 1

There comes great responsibility with owning and modifying high performance sports cars.
The “buzz” and “rush” that you get from this is second to none. With all purists and petrol heads alike there can be the adage that retro and modern don’t mix. In this case we can prove that’s not true. Steve Riches, owns two of the most “iconic” Japanese Super Cars ever to grace our shores. He proves that retro and modern can exist quite happily side by side, take a look at his stunning GTR (R35) and R33 GT-R Vspec both very special “stablemates”

I, Steve Riches, own both the 1997 Terrain (Midnight) Purple Nissan Skyline R33 GTR
V Spec and the 2008 Vibrant Red Nissan R35 GTR. I live in Berkshire, South East England. I am a Project, Release, Delivery, & Resource Manager. I belong to, The GTR Owners Club. I used to belong to the MLR, RS Owners, Group B Rally Car club etc in fact any club to get as many track days as possible LOL

The BEUT story (Nissan Skyline R33 GTR V Spec)

I started Rallying cars at the age of 19, till 22. To cut a long story short, two things happened (I) my best mate was killed when his Mini hit an Oak tree at 80mph and (2) I got married!! The then new wife said that she would love me forever and didn’t want me to risk my life “playing” car games. Guess what, after 18 months the wife went, the car (a full race 3ltr V6 Ford Capri) was still with me ! LOL

The GTR “thing” for me started 20 years ago. I knew of the Nissan Skyline R32 GTR when I was buying, modifying and Rallying Fords. Previous to that I had owned a Datsun 240Z “Samurai” conversion, which rusted, before my eyes. However, it did race and beat my modified Ford Capri 3000GT!! I knew then that there was something very special about these cars from the East!

I waited until the new model, a much nicer, sleeker good looking and styled GTR was released and imported a nearly new, reposed 3,500 mile Terrain (some call it Midnight) Purple Nissan Skyline R33 GTR V Spec. This little exercise took over 18 months as there were a) not many people importing cars from the East, b) I wanted the best of the best i.e. a V Spec in Purple. She is affection ally know as A BEUT. She was extremely clean and a standard car when I bought her (in Japan). Before she came over to the UK I had a few minor modifications carried out, as at that time, 12 years ago, they were “cheaper” to get done in Japan. There was an HKS Super Dragger Big Bore full Stainless Steel exhaust system fitted, I also had her lowered by 20mm and corner weighted. At the SVA testing station, a decent “English” Radio, CD player system and the obligatory Fog light as required by the SVA Testing stationed.

I then spent the next 11 years modifying her whilst Nissan were producing the extremely ugly R34 and then got on to something decent, the all-new Nissan GTR (R35!). BEUT is still with me and now pushes a nice healthy 600bhp atw (720bhp awtf). She could be for sale at the right price, but I aint giving my baby away, I mean she has lasted longer that my wife / last girlfriend did!!! See spec sheet enclosed, this will answer Q3.

In 12 years of ownership of this magnificent vehicle I have probably used every “tuner” out there who works on “Skylines” and I have found this to my literal cost.

There was /is a mentality of telling YOU what YOU want and need. I went through a good 5 years of this, as there were only a handful of “tuners” when I got my car in 1998 who claimed they could and did work on these cars. I have found through time, patience, pain, and experience, and a lot of it, that no one “tuners” does all.

The scenario is a bit like if you want a nice, good quality pair of sturdy shoes, you don’t go to Tesco’s to purchase them, you go to a proper decent renowned shoe shop who specialise in shoes.

This is exactly what I have found with the Skyline GTR Fraternity. There are some that are better at say, building engines, some better at setting the suspension, handling up, and some who are good at mapping and some that are cr*p ! I have narrowed my field of 12 down to 4 who I trust and believe!

Hmmm, the project development and BUDGET ? I’ll start with the latter. On several occasions when the weather outside has been inclement and I have run out of things to do around the house, I get the folder/s out mark “BEUT’s Receipts” I start to look at the invoices and do a quick calculation in my head and then when it starts to get above £40k I close the folder half way through file and think “don’t even go there” Yes, that could have been your villa in Spain!! LOL (I think the figure is nearer to £60k over the 12 years!!)

As for how I wanted the Project to develop, I knew from day one that I didn’t want to change BEUT’s appearance. I personally think that the lines and proportions of the Nissan Skyline R33 GTR are almost perfect and stunningly gorgeous. + You have 4 seats, (and 4 track wheels and tyres to fit in the rear) a decent sized boot (for 2, 25ltr Jerry cans, Tools, Jack, Oil, Octane Boost, Sandwiches etc etc) Air conditioning, a CD player and all the creature comforts of a good quality salon car!!

I didn’t want the big fcuk off flared Arches, tinted windows, huge whale tail rear spoiler or the what looks like the mad Max axe man has taken a hatchet to the bonnet etc. The body is the same one she came out of the factory with. I have added a Due Luck front bumper only because it has vents to allow air to the front brake callipers and the Carbon Bonnet as the GRP one was starting to split under the extreme taught ness of the now revised suspension and chassis. The interior is the same as when she came out of the factory to, except for a few (lot) more gauges.

The aim for both, BEUT (R33) & Scarlet (R35) was, is and has always been a fast road and extremely well set up track car. This is where these cars excel. If you own a Skyline, GTR or other, you need to get it out on track as only then can the car be explored to it’s (and your) full potential.

My satisfaction index can only be described as fulfilled for the R33. I have the car how I want it and not how the “tuner/s” tell me it should be.

Even though I promised myself I would not modify the R35, I seem to be starting again. LOL.

She already has a Full Miltek Stainless Steel fast flow exhaust system, Alcon 400mm “racing” brake kit, stage 1 Ecutek re map (power now 550bhp). Carbon Inserts around the gearshift lever and the central MFD (Multi Function Display) area

The next planned modifications are bigger down pipes, stronger actuators, HKS Air Filters, Forge Intercooler, Forge Dump Valves, Forge Header Tank, stage 2 re map, pushing her to 600bhp and 600ft lbs of Torque.

Further developments? Well where does it stop? If Scarlet gives me ½ the amount for fun, thrills, without the heartache that BUET has over the same period, remembering that I still have BEUT, I will be more than happy. Both cars are phenomenal.

The main difference I have noticed between the R32 and my R33 is stability and the way the power is delivered. The R35 has one of the lowest drag coefficients, 0.27cd of any modern day car and ground affects that make it much more stable under extreme conditions as I proved when we did a “performance” test at Santa pod. I got the car completely sideways at 126mph on the very slippery Santa pod drag strip due the excessive heavy rain the day and night before and other vehicles dumping oil and fuel at the top end of the strip, and I was able to control and bring the car back in one piece, much to the delight of the crowd (and myself).

The power delivery in BEUT, my R33 GTR V Spec, is just plain brutal. You know you are going to go fast and faster still as you are punched in the back with every gear change. The tail-tail sign and feelings of slight lag, the Turbo’s spooling up and then, God almighty the POWER rush and what a rush.

In the R35, of nearly the same power output as my R33, the delivery is just so seamless.
In fully automatic mode or by using the paddle shift. You are travelling at the same speed just that the power is delivered without drama. Can be dangerous as the speed just increases and increases, in fact after my first drive of the R35 I likened it to that of a
V8 with a supercharger, immense power and torque available at any time in any gear!

The additional aspects of these 2 cars, even though from the same stable are totally different. The 10 –12 years of development I have personally carried out with BEUT is now what Nissan have now produced “out of the box”. However, there is the “fun factor” to modifying your own car and “personalising” it. Hence why I have started all over again with the R35. The major issue surrounding modifying a car like this is that as soon as you say the word/s GTR the “tuners” they seem to want to add another zero to any price quoted, that is, unless you know and trust a chosen few. I do.

I will be out at Silverstone in the R35 on the 30th March and against Bedford on the 26th April. Then I have Japfest in the R33 at Castle Coombe


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Twoskylife's feature cars, Part 2

Spec list R33 GT-R Vspec
Full HKS Steel 2.600cc Engine

HKS Lightened and Balanced Steel Crankshaft
HKS Oversized Pistons (87mm)
HKS Steel Con Rods
JUN Cams (264 inlet / 272 exhaust)
GT Art Gas flowed, ported and modified Head, with Bronze Guides with Multi Angle Valve Seats
Twin 25/35 Steel Turbo’s
HKS Hard Pipe Kit
HKS Down Pipes
HKS Hard Pipe Kit (Replace AFM’s)
6 X 720cc Injectors
6 X Iridium Racing Spark Plugs
Twin NISMO 285ltr per hour Fuel Pumps
HKS “Big” Intercooler
De-Cat “Baffle” Box
8ltr High Capacity Baffled Oil Sump
HSK High Pressure Oil Pump
HKS Oil Cooler Kit
GT Art Oil Catchment Tank
HKS Twin Plate Steel Clutch
NISMO Close Ratio Short Shift Gear box

HKS F.Con V Pro Engine Management System
HKS F.Con V Pro Wiring Loom
HKS AVC Boost Controller

Mapped by the world famous Tweeni Rob

Greddy Air / Fuel Ratio Gauge
Greddy EGT Gauge
Greddy 2.0 Bar Turbo Boost Gauge
Greddy Twin Pillar Pod
APEXI F.C. R.S.M Monitor

AP 6 Pot Brake Up-Grade. Ferrodo DS 2500 Road / Race Pads
19” Image 3 Piece Spilt Rim Alloys with 275/35 x 19 Toyo T1R’s
17” Standard Wheels 255 x 45 x 17 Toyo R888 (Rd legal Track tyres)
Carbon Fiber Bonnet fitted for Strength and Rigidity
Do-Luck Front Bumper to allow Air to Brakes
TEIN Flex Fully Adjustable (EDFC) Suspension Lowered by 30mm
WHITELINE Adjustable Heavy Duty Anti Roll Bars, Front & Back
CUSCO Adjustable Upper and Lower Arms
Large Bore HKS Hi-Power Silent Stainless Steel Exhaust
Heavy Duty Battery and Battery Tray Fitted
Driver & Passenger 4 Point Harnesses + Fire Extinguisher

STANDARD POWER!!! (Until “funny” button pressed!!)

Hence everything for the Road / Track

Spec List R35
VR38DETT twin-turbocharged 3.8-liter V6
Dual overhead camshafts with variable intake-valve timing.
Cast aluminum cylinder block with high-endurance/low-friction plasma-sprayed bores.
IHI twin turbochargers, one per cylinder bank.
Pressurized lubrication system with thermostatically controlled cooling.
Custom Mapped producing 600BHP 500ft lbs torque
K+N Air Filters from Ian Litchfield
Full Miltek Stainless steel Large Bore Exhaust System
Forge Dump Valves
Forge Stainless Steel Header Tank
6-speed Dual Clutch Transmission with three driver-selectable modes: Normal (for maximum smoothness and efficiency), Snow (for gentler starting and shifting on slippery surfaces), and R mode (for maximum performance with fastest shifts).
Fully automatic shifting or full sequential manual control via gearshift or steering wheel-mounted paddle shifters.
Dual clutch design changes gears in less than 0.5 second (0.2 second in R mode).
Downshift Rev Matching (DRM).
Predictive pre-shift control (in R mode) based on throttle position, vehicle speed, braking and other information.
Wheels and Tires
20 x 9.5" (front) and 20 x 10.5" (rear) super-lightweight forged-aluminum wheels with Gunmetal Gray finish.
Bridgestone track orientated tyres RE070A 255/40R20 front and 285/35R20 rear.
Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS).
400mm Alon Brake Upgrade
4-wheel independent suspension with Bilstein� DampTronic system with three driver-selectable modes: Normal/Sport (for automatic electronic control of damping), Comfort (for maximum ride comfort), and R mode (engages maximum damping rate for high-performance cornering).
Electronically controlled variable-rate shock absorbers. High-accuracy progressive-rate coil springs.
Front double-wishbone/rear multi-link configuration with aluminum members and rigid aluminum subframes.
Hollow front and rear stabilizer bars.
Carbon Fibre trim around gear selector and switch control unit under MFD
Automatic Temperature Control (ATC).
Electronic analog instrument cluster with multi-function trip computer and digital gear indicator.
Power front windows with one-touch auto-up/down feature.
Intelligent Key system with pushbutton start. Power door locks.
Cruise control.
Tilt/telescoping steering column.
Leather upholstered front seats with perforated Alcantara inserts.
8-way power front seats with entry/exit switch for rear-seat passengers.
Driver-shaped bucket seat.
Dual individual rear seats.
Heated front seats.
Leather-wrapped steering wheel and shift knob.
Drilled aluminum pedals. Safety/Security
Nissan Advanced Air Bag System (AABS) with dual-stage supplemental front air bags, seat belt sensors and occupant-classification sensor.
Driver and front-passenger side-impact supplemental air bags and roof-mounted curtain supplemental air bags.
Front seat belts with pretensioners and load limiters.

There you go two cracking cars from Steve Riches, thanks for the features cars are superb.

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BigKev's GC210 Feature

We’ve seen a lot of progress on the Japanese Performance car market recently, with all sorts of modifications taking place, be it big spoilers and body kits, to huge power modifications and massive increases in BHP.
There has also been the launch of Nissan’s ultra new flagship the GTR (R35) so; it begs the question is there a future for all things retro? This is an argument that will rage for eternity between all Japanese car enthusiasts, modern or retro, stock or modified?
Well after seeing Kev Lincoln’s beautifully restored GC210 Skyline, I would sympathize that retro is up with the best of them, over to Kev for a superb trip down memory lane.

Hi everyone my name is Kev Lincoln, my user name on is Big Kev. I’ve been into cars ever since I was a child in the early 70’s. My grandfather and father spent all their spare time fixing cars, and I was always around getting up to the eyes in oil, learning from them and occasionally putting spanners down drains! My family is very car orientated and we are always doing something with our motors some may say it’s in the blood as my 3yr old son Brandon is nuts about them too.

I passed my driving test at 17 and have been through an array of cars Toyota Celica’s, Lexus Soarer, Jaguar’s, Camero’s, to list but a few and I am now onto my 3rd 1978 GC210 Skyline.

After an accident at work a few years ago where I broke my back I had to sell my Lexus Soarer twin turbo as you can imagine times were a bit tough, but I wanted something retro and having had two GC210 skylines in the past the hunt was on for another.

Having searched the usual auction sites a couple had come up but to be honest they needed to much work for me to handle with my present condition , so the search went on for another few months. Then one day I bought classic car weekly and there in the classifieds was a GC210 skyline, only problem was it was in Livingston in Scotland and I live in Sunderland so off we went to have a look, with tow bar in hand just in case.

We pulled into the guy’s factory and looked over the car and it was solid, it had been stood for 4 yrs and fired right up which surprised me, once cash was exchanged we towed it the 200miles home. I ran the car as it was, the only thing I did was to take off the 70’s style coach lines. Then my lovely wife Emma bought me a set of Minilite alloys for my birthday, and that got me thinking about giving the old girl a good tidy up.

Since buying the car it has been off the road every winter, and in 2009 I decided it was time to tidy up the engine bay. With the help of my dad and some cracking friends we had the engine out in no time. The engine bay seemed very rusty but on closer inspection the engine must have had a massive water leak from the water pump and it was just stale water all over the place. So out comes’ the jet wash and it was sorted in no time. Then came the little bits of rust around the bay, they were knocked back, sealed and covered in a thick layer of under seal then the whole lot was painted with smooth stone chip paint for ease really as if it gets chipped or scratched you can just local it in no problem.

With the engine bay complete our attention was turned to the engine its self. This was also de greased and jet washed after the inlet and exhaust manifolds had been taken off. The cam cover was taken off and given to a friend for polishing. The block was painted blue as I am trying to keep it to the original colours. The engine was checked over cam and such and everything was spot on which I was pleased about because the car had only 74000 original miles on the clock. Everything was looking fine and the engine was rebuilt very easy which was a relief, there was also a 6 into 1 race manifold fitted which had to be removed because one pipe was catching the steering arms but I will get that re- routed.

I’m a great believer in old school modding, it pleases me to know I’ve done something to the spec of the car myself to make it better. The car is never going to be turbo’d or 1000bhp, (I wish) but if I can do something to make it better than standard I’m very, very happy and these are becoming so rare I don’t really want to take it too much away from the original. So with this in mind the head was removed and skimmed 40thou, a little inlet polishing and that was sorted. The air box on these is very restrictive so I made an adaptor for a performance filter which worked really well, only thing is I can only use a small filter because of the space I have in the inner wing but like I said it works well and sounds awesome.

Before the engine went back in I fitted a new clutch, because the clutch plate was catching the fly wheel bolts obviously the wrong clutch plate and this would explain the clutch judder, then it was time for the engine to go back in. A nice sunny day it was too, which is unusual up here, but we had no problems and the engine went straight in. After a few days of getting all the wiring and everything back together it was time to start it, and it fired on the first turn I was very pleased with it, sounded great and ran like a dream. The next thing to do was get rid of the pea shooter back box. I’d had a rage can lying around from my Celica days so I dug it out and had it welded on, I know these aren’t’t the best back boxes but this is a budget build and it sounds amazing,…. and spit’s the odd flame or two, the exhaust system is a custom made item by my dad the front pipes will be re done once the race manifold goes on, and it will be 3 inch pipe right through.

The car was then taken out for its first run and after a couple of little water leaks and such it was running perfect. The engine only has about 150 BHP, but these cars are very light and the torque is very good in these engines. The car then underwent a vigorous clean. What kind of car is it? that’s the next question on people’s lips, what colour is it? Everyone seems to love the colour and it is amazing in the sunlight because it does have a golden feel to it.

The next big job I want to tackle is the bodywork on the car. There are some bits as you can imagine (its 32years old) starting to come through and I want to get that cut out and new sheet metal welded in. It’s mostly the rear arches and a bit on the doors I also want to remove the vinyl roof, these are a water trap around the top of the screen so that will be coming off and finished in body colour. I’m still waiting for my hose finishers for the engine bay coming in from America too.

The interior is in superb condition the only changes I’ve made are a Mountney 3 spoke steering wheel and a Hurst gear lever surround in keeping with the retro feel of things.

The other things I want to get hold of are the JDM lights because the rears are twin round afterburner type lights in Japan, also the front headlamp surrounds are deeper too, so I’m on the lookout for these. Also the ride height is to high so if I can’t get any lowering springs the grinder will be coming out of its hiding hole.

Future plans for the car are mostly cosmetic to be honest, but I would really like to take the injection unit off and fit triple Webber carbs, or throttle bodies. Also I’ll be putting a fast road cam in there too, with the cam fitted the head will be full Samurai spec and running on carb’s it should be around 250BHP which for an old car is enough. I also want to poly bush all the suspension this should stiffen up things along with front strut brace which will be home made. I’m also on the look out for a front chin spoiler the closest one I can find is a mk1 golf item, I also want a boot spoiler and the mk2 Escort ones fit fine, so one of those is on the shopping list too. At the moment I’m just enjoying having something different and I love to see people’s reactions to the car it gets lots of attention everywhere it goes.

I would like to thank Andy, Matt and Sean for the photo shoot they did on the car, they were fantastic and done it at such short notice. I’d also like to thank all my other friends from TC, you all know who you are for all there help and input into the project big thanks guys for keeping me going.

Spec List
L24e inline six
Bosh electronic fuel injection
Head skimmed 40thou, ported and flowed
Mushroom performance filter
Painted and polished
6 into 1 Teflon coated race manifold (awaiting modification)

Standard (rare 5 speed manual)

Custom made exhaust with Rage rear can


Minator minilite replica with 195/70/14 tyres
Fitting 205/55/14 when suspension is lowered

Mountney 3 spoke steering wheel
Hurst shifter boot


So another classic, better than Modern??? Well done Kev, cracking looking car and love the retro pics just sweet mate. Cheers.

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Angry Tattoo's Feature Part 1

(Deano’s R33 Project)

Ain’t she gorgeous?! She belongs to me and my name is Dean Walker (or Deano, as I’m known), I’m a lowly postman from the Woking area and I’m a regular member on the Skyline Owners Forum (SOF), under the tag of “Angry Tattoo”.

Cars have always been in my blood, with my father being a truck driver and mechanic of pretty much anything on wheels. He built numerous custom vans back in the 1980s and in the early 90s he even converted a bog standard old Ford transit van into a mini 6 wheeled American truck called “Black Sunset”.

Being half Canadian myself and having spent much of my younger life there, I grew up with a passion for American cars and trucks also.

My father tried many times to get me involved in the mechanical ins and outs of cars that he’d do up, but to no avail, as at the time I had the attention span of a custard pie!

Since getting my license, I’ve owned many cars, including a MK1 Ford Fiesta, Vauxhall Corsa, Ford MK3 Astra and Ford Escort XR3i until finally getting bitten by the Jap bug a few years back.

Then, all my mates were into the Jap scene and owned various metals from Subarus, CRX Del-Sols to Mitsubishi FTOs. So I wanted to be different and bought myself a Toyota Celica GT4 (ST205 version). It was my first taste of true Jap power and from then on I’ve been hooked!

The Celica was a very good example with few modifications and only had 41,000 miles on the clock. It was an utter joy to drive, thanks to its 4WD system and its turbo, of course! I kept it for about 2 years and added an induction kit, de-cat and full body kit before selling it on to make way for a mortgage.

2 years passed and the time had come for a new project. I’d always had a thing for Skylines and the R33 in particular attracted me the most but I’d just left it to the “things of dreams” until I stumbled across one for sale whilst doing some overtime at work. It was in pretty good condition and was at the right price. It already came with a full BLITZ Nur-Spec exhaust and de-cat pipe and a BLITZ Boost Controller. It was the perfect base for my project and already by now I was in full swing with some big plans to really make it stand out.

I spent months trawling the internet and magazines for ideas to separate it from its original incarnation, as I was intent on creating a perfect mix of “show and go” with both performance and looks. This is also where I came across work done by the Milton Keynes based company KNIGHT-RACER. After researching the company some more and then making the 140mile round trip from my home of Woking, Surrey to Knight-Racer to chat over my ideas with Albert in person, we set about a good plan. Albert seemed almost as excited about the project as me, which instilled even more confidence in me to leave my pride and joy in their hands.

The plan was to fit a full DO-LUCK body kit, including front and rear bumpers and skirts, but the GTR version, as I favoured that over the GTS kit. This now in turn meant the addition of wider front and rear wings and quarter panels to make it fit the shell of the GTS. As wide was the way I wanted to go, 400R rear arch extensions were also blended in seamlessly.

I’ve never been a fan of the standard side repeaters and so came up with the idea of smoothing over the unsightly holes and replacing the void with 3 small orange LEDs on each side. They’re very subtle and definitely one of those modifications you wouldn’t notice at first glance. And that’s what I love about this project – it’s loud and proud but has so many little subtle touches than can easily be overlooked.

Along those same lines is probably my favourite touch so far. And that’s the addition of the Evo-style roof fins that were originally meant to go on a Lexus IS250 but instead ended up being beautifully blended into the lines of my roof by Knight-Racer. In my opinion, it really sets it off from any other Skyline out there and I believe it to possibly be the first Skyline to ever have one fitted, in the UK, of not, the world. You really do have to see it to believe the quality of the work undertaken on it.

At this point, the overall shape of the car was going to be much meaner and wider and so needed a rear spoiler worthy of its character. I felt that the extra height and width of the JUN rear wing (as fitted to the Super Lemon JUN R33) would be nothing short of perfect. But after being given the run-around by a certain company (who have since gone bust!) for nearly 6 months, and then trying JUN direct to then be told that the only mould maker had permanently broken, I settled on a VEILSIDE rear wing, which as it turns out, goes with the lines of the rear bumper nicely, I feel.

I must also confess to a slight addiction to the Devil’s black weave and so have added an array of carbon items to the mix, including a BORDER carbon fibre bonnet with aero-catches, carbon B pillars, grill, bonnet lip and GANADOR carbon mirrors.

During the build, the car was with Knight-Racer from January to April and throughout that time I was having an ordering frenzy; stock piling various parts and then shipping them off to Albert. A mixture of parts new and used were purchased from SOF and many other internet sources, including a set of LED rear clusters (not the chrome ones), FMIC kit, more red LEDs for the Skyline boot panel, a set of TEIN mono-flex suspension, HKS turbo-timer and some DEFI gauges.

The final 3 things to sort out to complete the exterior (for the time being) were firstly, the wrapping of the spoiler blade in a good carbon film, courtesy of a firm called CARBON SKIN. The second was the choice of wheels, which by itself caused weeks of headaches until finally, I settled on my second choice, being a set of TSW “Jaramas” in 19x8.5” (front) and 19x9.5” (rears). My first choice was a set of 19x10” Racing Harts RS721s (one day they will be mine!)

The final piece of the puzzle was the choice of colour. My original plan was to layer the car in the exquisite “House of Kolor Kandy Apple Red” with black touches. But at the time, everyone else seemed to have the same idea. So, still on a mission to be separate from the herd, I had the idea of “Honda Vivid Blue” from the Type-R pallet of colours. Still tied in with the hints of black and carbon, I’d found a winning combination.

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Angry Tattoo's Feature Part 2

While still at Knight-Racer, the last part of the grand plan was to get the interior looking as fresh as the exterior, by giving the dash and centre console a good going over with the same blue paint. That mixed with the red illumination from the new DEFI tacho with shift light, boost gauge and volt metre gauge neatly installed into a carbon A-pillar pod, makes the interior a very nice place to be.

Since getting the car back, I’ve also (with the help of some handy mates) installed a host of other top-notch goodies, including a pair of COBRA EVOLUTION bucket seats with pain-stakingly custom made rails and mounts to make them fit and still be adjustable. Add to that the new MOMO TREK-R steering wheel, MOMO BOSS KIT, MOMO GTR2 gear knob, custom carbon fibre switch panels and SPARCO 3-point harnesses and the inside now almost takes on the role of a comfy track car.

Some of my mates like to joke that you need a pilot’s license to drive it, due to all of the switches and gauges present in the cabin, but it truly is an absolute buzz to drive and gives me the epitome of the “Skyline Smile” that us lucky ones know only too well. If the “in your face” styling and paint work doesn’t get your attention, then the thunderous burble from the de-catted and de-baffled BLITZ Nur-Spec exhaust system will. I’ve been told that it’s like hearing a pack of hell’s angels approaching in the distance.

The point of this project was to stand out from the crowd and do things that no one else has, rather than just blend quietly into the background.

I’ve had some fantastic responses from people at shows and people fumbling around with their camera phones as we cruise past them on the motorways. I even once caused a bit of a traffic jam at a set of lights as I had to wait while a group of lads took turns having a few photos of them posing next to the car before I could pull away, much to the annoyance of the people sat behind me!

On top of all of that, then being asked by good forum friend “Maccer” to feature in this very magazine, just testifies to the excellent job that both Knight-Racer and my own handy friends (they know who they are!) have done to make this “stuff of dreams” a reality.

The final part of the journey is to now add the power to go with such crazy styling, taking the rear wheel output from 320 to 600 BHP (hopefully). It’s not uncommon these days to see GTSs pushing big power figures but I’m hoping, once again, to do it in a slightly different way, to add to the list of “things done slightly different”.

Once again, with some more help from a fellow forum member, “Braveheart STI”, I’ve sourced an RB25/26 conversion long block with all the trimmings. The conversion consists of a fully refreshed and forged RB25 bottom end with 87mm (1mm oversized) forged pistons, cryo-treated con-rods and valve springs, ACL race bearings, genuine N1 oil pump – all mated to a refreshed RB26 GTR head. The head has been re-shimmed and the head bolts re-bored to match the conversion.

Added to all that is a COSWORTH 1.5mm steel head gasket, TOMEI 270° cams and adjustable vernier pulleys, Q45 90mm throttle body, polished intake plenum, 800cc SARD top feed injectors and SARD top feed fuel rail and BOSCH 044 280 l/ph fuel pump and I’ve got a bulletproof engine ready to drop in over the winter months.

The only things then left to add to this recipe for tarmac mayhem is the inclusion of a full GREDDY T-78 turbo kit with exhaust manifold and 48mm external wastegate, larger GREDDY FMIC kit, twin oil coolers to sit in the vents of the front bumper and the whole package to be governed by an APEXI POWER FC ECU and in-dash commander unit and, of course, much bigger brakes, for which I intend to use K-SPORT 356mm front brake upgrade and K-SPORT 330mm rear upgrade.

Knight-Racer has done a truly amazing job with the car and I would happily recommend them to anyone. I’ve spent the last year and a half working both nights and days; filling in time sheets for 82 hour weeks to make this happen and I really couldn’t be happier with the end result. Thank you to both Albert and Joe for being so patient with me and my influx of crazy ideas and for making them a reality.

As with all projects, it’s obviously still not finished (probably never will be), as I still have a host of little touches stored away in my garage, just waiting to go on when I get the time. Including 3 more DEFI gauges, a STACK AFR gauge and a new stereo and speakers all waiting in the wings.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about my journey as much as I have enjoyed taking it. None of this would have been possible without the help and support of some very good friends around me (Rog, Paul, Baz, Martin), all of those on SOF for their help and advice, of course Albert, Joe and all at Knight-Racer, and Maccer for this chance. My greatest thanks, though, go to my dad, Steve, for his knowledge and encouragement and finally, the most amazing and understanding woman ever, my fiancée Hayley, who has given me nothing but support throughout the build and who secretly gets as much of a kick out of it as me. She really is my angel.



RB25 standard block
APEXI induction kit
BLITZ Nur-Spec full system
BLITZ de-cat pipe
JAPSPEED down pipe
JAPSPEED front mount intercooler kit
JAPSPEED 50mm alloy radiator
SAMCO radiator hose kit
BLITZ boost controller


DO-LUCK GTR front bumper
DO-LUCK GTR side skirts
DO-LUCK GTR rear bumper
Vented/wider front wings
LED custom side repeaters
GTR rear quarter panels
400R rear arch extensions
VEILSIDE rear wing
Carbon wrapped wing blade
BORDER carbon bonnet & aero-catches
K-R carbon grill
K-R carbon bonnet lip
GANADOR carbon mirrors
ZIAX carbon B-pillars
Custom vortex generator
LED rear light clusters
Custom number plates
HID conversion kit
Custom graphics
Custom front and rear badges
Blue anodised wheel nuts


TEIN mono-flex suspension
SPARCO front strut brace
JAPSPEED short shift kit
Unknown brake stopper
EIBACH 25mm rear spacers
TSW Jaramas (19x8.5” front, 19x9.5” rear)
FAULKEN tyres all round


Full colour coded dash
2x Custom seat rails/mounts
2x SPARCO 3-point harnesses
MOMO Trek-R steering wheel
MOMO Boss kit
MOMO GTR2 gear knob
Custom switch panels
Custom push start panel
2x blue foot well neons
DEFI tacho (11,000 rpm) and shift light
DEFI RACER 52mm boost gauge
DEFI RACER 52mm volt gauge
STACK 52mm AFR gauge
STACK 52mm carbon gauge pod
Colour coded fire extinguisher (in foot well)
HKS turbo timer

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I had a 10x page feature in total nissan year before last with my R33 GTS before its makeover and sallys 350GT , feature was called "family affair" very different from the usual features of spec lists and thanks to garages for work they did on the feature car

if you need info i'm sure lesley can let you have it , made for a different read

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their is also the sharkey feature you need to put up in here Maccer which was in last months issue :). ive got the article here and photos, I could plonk it up if you like?

thank you to Lesley,Maccer & Chris (a photography friend) for making the feature possible.
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