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Fella at work

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Was chatting to a guy at work about me R33 he seemed impressed. He said give me a sec ill show you my car. So he walked around the corner started the engine and look what he turned up in....

A Ferrari Estate only 7 ever made in the world lol
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yep they were all made for a shiek on special order, will be worth a fortune in the future
wow that looks cool from the back but side on its just so wrong. lol
looks like an alfa from the side :rofl:
ultra ultra rare, I think the back is absolutely great looking!!
I bet this wasn't cheap to start with let alone the future!
found the article i read ages ago about these it was a prince not a sheik
I thought it was a heavily modified Gimpreza wagon at first, That rear quarter glass looks similar.
looks like the rear quarter is a cross between the porsche 924 and 944, very strange looking car, as said very nice from rear, but just totally odd and indeed highly rare indeed

Ferrari 456E
Would make a sweet family run around. :)
does look sweet from the rear but the side....i have to agree with speedreeper, looks like a glorified alfa.
rear looks pretty good , side reminds me of an alfa romeo aswell and looks utter shyte imo

reg is kewl

never seen such a thing and didnt know this was ever build :eek:
As cars go not bad I guess, sooner have an RS4 Stagea. ;)
side reminds me of an alfa romeo aswell and looks utter shyte imo

Dont like any side of it, just looks wrong imho?
well until i read the article, i was gonna take the pish and say its Pug 407 with one of those fezza look a like body kits....cos thats exactly what it looks like. hmmmmm....
What an awful looking *******......

Its odd that a Ferrari Estate would make some stop and look tbh. It would have made me look unlike the rest of them as its abit different Its such a shame that Ferrari don`t make a car that makes people stop and say wow anymore.
1 - 20 of 25 Posts
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