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list of whats done, but dont quicte have teh funds for a tubby upgrade so bearing that in mine any ideas as to what to do next??


sard fuel regulator

sard 550cc injectors

hpi turbo elbow

hpi fmic

hpi oil cooler

hpi relocation kit

blitz BOV

splitfire coil pack

walbro 255 fuel pump

de-cat with HKS super dragger

apexi avc-r boost controller

Apexi power fc and hand controller

apexi power intake

apexi 70mm downpipe

carbon effect strut brace

exedy organic hyper racing clutch

gready timing belt

arospeed cam pullys

japspeed engine torque damper

17" volk racing competition f-zero alloys

GTR rear spoiler

GTR carbon blade

clear nismo side repeaters

defi link controller

defi boost gauge

defi fuel pressure gauge

defi oil temp gauge

venturer in dash DVD player with motorised screen

blue dash bulb kit

blue A/C unit and clock face

cb radio

boost set to .85 on standard tubby

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Save money for your new turbo man! And when this is done I´d go for metal head gasket to be able to run high boost. After that forged internals... you´ll be quick then mate! :cheers:

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Save for the turbo bud, the only other thing worth doing is the tomei pon cams.

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so tubby, metal head gasket and cams is next then...... brilliant, so heres the next question then,

Whats the best tubby to go for if im lookin for low and mid range power?

i know the ball bearing tubys are good for spooling up quicker but theres so many different ones out there.....
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