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Few of the Stagea owners lookers for a meet

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Few of the Stagea owners looking for a meet

A few of the Northern Stagea owners have mentioned a possible meet end of Jan. I thought it could be a chance to hook up together. I've run it past Andy and he's ok with it.

Anyone up for a run out to the Cock Hotel Manchester, Sunday 31st Jan ?

I know it's late notice and we might only get a few, but it's not too far for most people and cheap food, so doesn't have to be an expensive day.

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may be up for this dean
Ok, I'll start a list. If we can get enough, we'll convoy from the usual places.

1 Dean33GTR
If i am free i will,what time at the cock ??
If we have enough people, we can do the usual meeting at Charnock or direct at the Cock Hotel if it's easier for you.

12.00 noon at charnock richard services southbound side.
setting off around 12.15.

we will then procede down the m6 onto the m62 coming off at the m60 jct.
putting us at the cock hotel for around 1pm.
here is the address if anyone wants to google it or put it in there sat navs

Cock Hotel
301 Walkden road
m28 2RZ
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Ok, looks like this isn't happening. People are unable to make it now for various reasons.
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