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Fibreglass doors for R33

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Hi all,

Whether you drifting or racing, these doors will give you incredible weight savings for your competition car. The weight of 1 door is about 4-4.5 kg so it`s nothing comparing to the standard.
They are 100% copy of orginal doors so you can fit all OEM parts like rubbers, hinges, electric windows mechanism, window glass etc.


The doors come brand new, never fitted and ready to paint.

Price per set - 445 euro /~400 pounds sterling + 50 euro/45pounds postage

Made to order, please allow up to 15 working days for delivery.


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feel free to PM me when the time comes ;)
Guys, great offer!
We`ve cut our price from 445 euro/399 pounds to 399 euro/340 pounds!

You will have that price during whole May 2010.

To place an order go to our website and use discount coupon at the checkout. This will lower your total price.
Promotional code for skylineowners forum members is: SOR33DRS :ylsuper:
Hey guys,

Yes, I forgot to mention in my initial post...

These doors are for track use only.
Installation of rollcage is a must for your own safety.
The doors are strong enough to fit all the OEM parts like glass window or locks but it`s still plastic without metal support inside.

It`s a nice mod thought and with lexan windows you can save up to 30 kg per door :)
Great News guys.

We`re cutting down our prices for June 2010!

Now you can get these doors for 350 pounds + 50 pounds postage!

That`s 50 pounds in your pocket for different pleasures :bigthumb:​
1 - 5 of 13 Posts
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