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Filling holes in bumper question

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I've decided to change direction (again) and lose my cannards from the front bumper, but that leaves me with 8 x holes in the bumper to be filled.
The holes are all about the size of a 20p coin.

Can this be done by any normal bodyshop easily?
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Yep, fiberglass the back of the holes then filler the fronts. Simplest way.
Nice one, thank you :)
They'll be going up for sale :)
Use as much fibreglass as possible not filler. The filler should only be used to smooth off the fibreglass. Or if you feeling really adventurous then use fibreglass tissue insted of the filler
I'm kind of hoping I can give the bumper to the bodyshop and they'll do the full repair. holes filled and sprayed over :)
Wont cost alot even in the bodyshop cliff as there only small holes so thats not too bad
Superb info thanks, been worrying that I might even need to source a replacement bumper :)
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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