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final piece of the puzzle...

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Im in a super good mood again today but having such a slowass week cos basically my baby is booked into RSP this friday and grabbin it back wednesday for probably the last of my power mods! woohoo! last time after a remap etc it was punching out 324bhp since then ive had a rsp shortblock rebuild (by them obviously lol) new thicker headgasket and im having a airflow meter fitted then another remap - im hoping to get around the 350mark. after that just tartin up the car doing the interior etc cant flippin wait!
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I guess you are finding out now that to get those few extra ponies cost a lot more....ponies.. and makes you wonder whether the expense is really worth it, now
what do i reckon.......yeah deffinately.:bigthumb:
indeed mate lol

cant wait! this week is going S L O W lol
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