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First meet of 2010

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Well boys.

Who fancies a gathering. Few 200sx's are getting together on sxoc and thought as usual would open to the skyline boys


1. vicious-monkey87
2. seaside-racer
3. Steveo78
4. Moran
5. Neill
6. rdougan
9. Eager

sadly i will be in the corsa :( lol
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Can I go on me pushbike smurf?? :rofl:
LOL, get your pushbike up, take and give smurf a good ride on it :p
lol WRONG!! I'd land up but would be a bit outa place in the 'rolla, might bring some hubcaps or somethin so's I can join in the fun :dogpile:
no corsa or push bikes i am afraid. well scotsman if you make the effort to come from your house on push bike i may have to turn a blind eye
Drifting at bishopscourt that day. As louis walsh would say i'm afraid its a no from me
I didnt really organise this one, just putting it out there
Wouldnt mind a run up to this,im sure the omniplex will be packed out mate...Would Sprucefield not be a better meeting point?
OH!!! Not to far from me il hopefully be able to get to this been a while from iv took the skyline out.

P.s the neo engine is in mapped up and runnin cracker!!!!!!
why is there never pictures or videos of any events...PISH FLAPS to that
Well no takers from the skyline front it seemed, was aweful weather with the snow and stuff but 5 sx's did turn up.
maybe better try n get somthing sorted near the end of the month when we get hit by this global warming everyones talking about.
ill it be out for a while as mines off the road! would be good to get something organised soon though!
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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