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Fitting advice, pics please

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Hi guys fitting my FMIC Monday next week iv had a look at it and seems straight forward 3 pipes and dont have to trim fan blades bonus. But if any one wouldnt mind post some pics or a guide to fit would be nice :D

Many thanks adi
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Hi,If you come to Cosford meet Sunday you can have a look at Grin's car we fitted his front mount not to long ago.You will need an angle grinder and although not hard much easier with an extra pair of hands.Cheers.
What do you need an angle grinder for as i dont own one :S
need one to cut the bumper bar under the bumper so that the fmic will fit
and you will also need a hole cutter to cut the inner wing for the pipework


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Ive done the bumper bar already aftermarket bumper mate uber thanks for pics
Just make sure you tighten the clamps up on the silicone hoses tightish but not to tight or you will snap them.
you dont want a intercooler pipe blowwing off like i did lol as the car wont drive right.....i found out the hard way.
Thanks for advice dude i shall listen and learn from your mistake lol.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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