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Fitting stereo

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Can anyone recomend where to go to get my new stereo fitted.
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piece of piss man, unless you need it hardwired in?? then again even halfords can do that lol
If it was plug and play then yeah no problem, but it needs to be hardwired in. Having heard a few horror stories about halfords I wouldnt go near them.
0868228014 give gary a shout, hes in finglas, and a wizz with auto elecs. in that case
Will do thanks for that Mick.
Have hard wired many stereos before, not as hard as it looks with all the wires once you know what all the colours are! Not sure about the connection for the auto aerial, any one know how to wire that one?
Unfortunately when it comes to electrics like this I know feck all so best off to let someone else do it.
Auto aerial is commonly blue or light blue i think. Leave it till last when you have all the speakers and sw feed+perm feed done then flash 12v onto the wire to make the aerial turn on. When you have identified the aerial just connect it to the wire comin out the back of the will be marked on the radio side usually.
The wiring diargam you would have got with the stereo should give you wire colours and what there for.

So i checked the skyline wiring plug and took note of the colours and the checked the speakers to see what colour was going to them.
Then used a light tester to see what was (+) constant and (+) ignition, (+) lights and (-) ground
As I said before PD that ^^^ is all gobldy **** to me.
Right i could do it for you.... But is it worth the drive???
****, cant remember the name of the place i got mine fitted, its near drumcondra, always has a Blue 350Z parked outside, just over the bridge................................ anyone able to help me here????

Anyways, they fitted mine and hardwired it, took them no time, and not hard on the pocket either.
ok, found it!!!!

4 Richmond Road,
Dublin 3.

Phone : 01 8375357
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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