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Hello Welsh folks! Allow me to introduce myself - I'm James, and I operate the rolling road at For-Tune PVE. We are a rolling road workshop based in Somerset, between Chard and Ilminster (handy off the M5), and use our two-wheel drive, 1,200bhp Dyno Dynamics rolling road for power runs, rolling road shootout days, remaps and much much more. The "PVE" part of our name relates to the performance vehicle engineering services we offer alongside the rolling road, meaning we can cater for all your needs from a routine service to an engine conversion and everything in between.

As the vast majority of the car tuning world now appreciate, Dyno Dynamics rolling roads are an international benchmark, and are pretty much unrivalled in terms of accuracy, repeatability and precise control. At any one time, we can measure and log inlet air temps, air-fuel ratio, boost pressures, road speed, engine speed, wheel power, flywheel power and torque and more, which makes the dyno an incredibly useful tool for simple power runs and engine mapping alike.

Power run sessions are £50, for which you get three runs, a discussion of your car's performance and a printout. For club days, known as Shootout days, discounts apply, meaning that for the same service, you can end up paying as little as £35.

Please check our website for more details:, and feel free to get in touch via this forum or by telephone/email through our site.

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