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RB25DET from a Stagea - £1,500

The engine was fully rebuilt by Andy W of SP Autos around 5000 miles ago. I brought the car from a friend after the auto box failed and looked to use it in my R33 Skyline Time Atatck car but as I won't be racing this year there seems no point leaving it lying on the floor for the next 12 months!!!

The spec is:

Rebuilt head
HKS 1.2mm Metal head gasket
Rebored to 87mm with Wossner forged pistons.
THS Forged Rods
All rotating parts balanced to 0.4g
N1 Oil Pump
N1 water pump

Once run in and setup the power output was measure on a Dyno Dynamics rolling road at Torque of the devil at 275bhp (at the wheels) and 252lb/ft of torque at just 10psi. This engine should be good for 500-600bhp with the right turbo!!

Everything attached to the engine in the pic is included with the engine, it’s a compete engine except for the exhaust manifold and turbo.

If your thinking of using this engine with a manual box you would need to modify the sump (basically removing the front diff) and add the spigot bearing to the crankshaft. The standard skyline sump will not fit.

A few pics...


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If you have the sump from a manual gts-4 it should fit right, and fit right on the manual gearbox?
Since i have a awd rb25 manusl already converting should be easy aye?

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