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Hello Friends,

after some absence and after the repair of my R34 GT last year, I just wanted to share the following with you.

Every year I make a spontaneous GT-short trip, where I follow the motiv: how quickly can I go somewhere, to whom had I promised a SKYLINE tour and where are beautiful roads and beautiful scenery and finally where the weatherforecast is predicting good weather.

This time I choose the so called British Riviera, also known as Cornwall, which I knew from past trips (motocycle) .

We took the crossing from Dunkirk / Dunkerque / Dünkirchen (France) to Dover with DFDS .

The south of England is always wort a journey, yes even worth a holiday because the climate allows to encounter lots of Mediterranean flora.
Many parts along the coastal region hold many for the botanical interested and is a paradise of renowned botanical gardens and is a must pilgrmage for a Green Thumb ethusiast like me.

My favorite is the Trebah Garden and, as it has played a historically role, because this is where one of the coordination centers was established, where in 1944 the bay became the starting point of the D-Day troops to Omaha Beach to set off to Normandy.

Southern England offers extremely much for such a spontaneous short trip and many camping and B & B options are everywhere, but during peak times You may search like a needle in a haystack.

Period: July 31 to August 5 [/ B]
trip distance: 1777 miles, 2850 KM [/ B] (many detour here and there).
route is shown below as an attachment and is roughly the route. [/ B]
Cologne, Dunkirk --Ferry 2 hours .--
Dover, Brighton, New Forrest, Southampton, Exeter, Dartmoor National Park, Lostwithiel (Eden Project), Porstcatho (Coastal camping), Penzance, St. Michael's Mount (counterpart / copy for double . Mont Saint Michel in Normandy), Exeter, Cheddar (CarMeet in the Cheddar Gorge) Cardiff, Bristol, Cologne.

Unfortunately, only a few Pic highlights can be seen:

Zeitraum: 31 Juli bis 5. August
Fahrstrecke gesamt: 1777 Meilen, ca. 2850 KM (viele Abstecher hier und da).
Cologne, Dunkerque --Ferry 2 hrs.-- Dover, Brighton, New Forrest, Southampton, Exeter, Dartmoor National Park, Lostwithiel (Eden Project), Porstcatho (Coastal Camping), Penzance, St. Michaels Mount (Pendant/Copy of the french Mont Saint Michel, Normandy), Exeter, Cheddar (CarMeet at Cheddar Gorge) Cardiff, Bristol, back to Köln (Cologne).

Here are some Highlights


German/French Intermezzo:

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