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We have the following offer for 2 weeks (last order must be taken by 9th July 07)

The following bumpers, Painted (std nissan colour) and Delivered (within mainland UK) each for only £ 399

I only have one of each style for this offer ;)

R32 GTR Trust Style

R33 GTS fitment
GTR Style
Jun Style
400R Style
Top Secret Style
Drift Style
Trial Style

R33 GTR NWW Style

Impul Style
Top Secret Style
C West Style
Bomex Style

You can have a R33 GTR style grill for GTS fitment painted also for £ 99

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Hi there,
I know this offer has ended, but im after a 400R front bumper for my R33 GTS-T as ive just cracked mine on a bloody wooden stump hidden in the grass!
Its ANO burgundy red and i was just wondering how much this package would be now? (supplied, painted and delivered)
Thanx very much guys.
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