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2000 R34 GT-R
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Hi all,
I have here a set of brand new kouki headlight housings for the R34 GT-R. I just got these but decided to go in a different direction with the set on my car; that is the reason for sale. Take note....these are the housings, NOT the full assemblies. Full assembly koukis are now discontinued. You will need to source the electrical bits from another set of headlights or buy those parts from Nissan or elsewhere such as the kouki ballasts, bulbs, etc. Save yourself the waiting for lead time/shipping and import duty. I have these in-hand and ready to ship.

I have wrapped the lenses in two layers of plastic wrap just to be more safe from light scratches.

$1300 for one or $2600 for both. Will take cash but PayPal is preferred. Would prefer not to split up though. Local pick up and shipping available, but you will pay for the shipping.

Post here or PM please. If you have a habit of lowballing, move on. I am not making any money from this sale. This is what I paid to get these. More and more parts are getting discontinued or relegated to the Heritage program, so get ahead of that and pick these up!





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