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Hi there,

I have gearbox internals out of a R32, which covered 110 000km approximatly, a central diff' and a bellhousing, push-type.

The 5th is a little dodgy, but I didn't notice anything weird after I checked it, but I prefer to mention that.

Bearings are in a good shape, and pinions too.

Some pics :

Sorry for the clutch dust in the bellhousing, didn't had time to clean it yet. I'm giving the clutch fork ant TOB with the bellhousing (TOB is still in a good shape)

If you want any further and closer pics just ask ;)

For the price, well I don't know, let's say 80£ for the bellhousing, 200£ for the central diff' and 200£ for internals.

Can post anywhere at your charge of course.

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