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FS: Used single plate exedy organic clutch - RB26

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Got another used single plate exedy organic clutch (plate and housing) as we removed t while we were doing a gearbox change on my R33 GTR.

A new one from Ring Sun Performance was £415 + delivery etc

So looking for £120 delivered.

Part number is NSD092U

Collection possible from around Chichester or worthing - west sussex
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Whats it like to drive with ? does it feel like the oem one ? how many miles it done ? how much is left on it would you say and finally how much abuse has it took ?

No doubt its slightly harder on the leg work but i'm of a small buid and use it on my daily commute with no issues (and no i'm not doing motor way miles - its alot of round town).

Not sure how you measure it but estimated milage from teh receipts I have would suggest about 6k. Not sure if thats alot but it didn't look all that different from the new one (and on first look I couldn't see the difference).

Let me know and i'll get a measure stick (caliper) out
so have you taken out a single plate organic exedy and fitted another one the same only new?
Yes - for the price of taking the gearbox off I decided I might as well get it all out of the way as the clutch release bearing sounded knackered. Upon inspection after removale looks like the bearings hadn't been changed when the clutch last went in.


1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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