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Fuel filter granularity

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So, I spent some time replacing the pre filters in my sytec bullet filters and cleaned out the post filters.

This is the state of the paper filter that came out: -


This could be the reason why the fuel pressure was dropping at high rpm/boost on the dyno after there was some residual heat in the system but I'll keep track of it because there could be a number of other reasons. I didn't bother changing the lift pump filter as I think that these don't tend to get that dirty and it's not been in long.

So that paper filter in the image is 8 microns which was sitting before the 044 bosch pump. This isn't really ideal, as I've subsequently found out that it can cause the pump to work quite a lot harder and could limit life. What I've done is dropped in a 55micron pre filter into the sytec bullets and cleaned up the post filters. The 044 pumps have a 20micron filter built in and the post filters (35micron) should hopefully catch anything if the pump decides to go bang (my injectors are more expensive than the pump)

The ID1000s I have should have 7micron replaceable filters which I should actually check because I haven't checked since they went on!

Hoping someone can do a sanity check on what I've done here as I hopefully should have all bases covered: -

injectors - safe 20 micron post pump then 7micron filtered per injector
pumps - safe - filtered from lift pump - filtered at 55micron, filtered on the pump at 20micron

Sound ok?

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I was under the impression that Id injectors had 7 micron filters in the adapters. I hope that's right because the smallest filter otherwise is 20 micron now.
A bit worried now after reading that.. which is contrary to other threads I've read stating that new cars don't even have fuel filters!
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