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Okay, coming to some kind of resolution as to what my fueling system is going to be on my 2.8 to4z gtr.

Decided on 'hardwiring' the two intank pumps, 2/3 of the piping will be goodridge alu hardlines.(not using rubber braid cause of price and smell of fuel)

So your opinions/thoughts/advice please;

Two tomei intank fuel pumps feeding two braided -8 feeds from fuel sender unit with two inline checkvalves, 'Y' peiceing into the -8/12mm alu hardline.

Hardline finishing just before the fuel rail, into a billet fuel filter, 'Y' peiceing into two -8 braided lines feeding -8 entries on either side of the fuel rail.

Return is via a single -6 braided hose, through a tomei billet 'L' type FPR and inline pressure gauge, connected on to -6/9.5mm alu hardline up to, before the sender and then -6 braided line into sender.

Am l going to have any issues with the fuel pressure/heat on idle/full throttle on its return that l need to be worried about, or are there any other problems that you can see that l may stumble onto.

Also l noticed some kind of OEM fuel dampner up by the fuel tank and up front before the OEM fuel filter.... does a fuel dampner of some kind need to be fitted to the fuel system.

So once again your views, or any recommendations on changes that l could make in order to finally finish off the theory and get on to the practical.

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