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Here's some info you may know or want to know. I was looking to upgrade my fuel system a few years ago, and like many, instantly had the GTR Fuel Pump in mind. Luckily when I went to a local tuner (while in the land of Skylines) and spoke with them they turned me in a different direction.
I was informed that the 300ZX turbo fuel pump is the same, in more abundance and cheaper without the GTR tag attached. I thought about it and it makes sense. The GTR is a 2.6L six cyl and the 300ZX is a 3L six cyl. The reason it doesn't use a larger pump but the same is because the GTR uses larger injectors.

I checked into it and they didn't have the same part numbers. So, I asked about it again and found out that they are the same but the numbers don't match because the 300ZX VG30DETT uses the same pump but it has a neoprene coating around it to help mute the noise.

So I found a used and tested pump, cut the coating off (not required, but it sounds so sweet!) and put it in! The best part was, that it was only a fraction of the price of a 'GTR' one! I hope this info helps!
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