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i've tried to search this but i wondered if i could have a point in the right direction.
i've bought 2 gauges, boost gauge and a volt gauge.

i know where the t-fitting goes its just the wiring thats a bit puzzling.
is there any where on the back of the clocks to pick up for the lights?
same with the ignition?

the volt meter is the head scratcher
its got in one group
red= 12v ignition switch+ (thats what is says)
black= ground
orange= dash light

in the other group
another black= ground
another red= goes to what looks like a picture of the ignition???

2 ignitions? surely not? any ideas?
1 permanent + and 1 ignition would be more like it

Autogauge 52mm 27091swl voltmeter
Autogauge 52mm 27001sw3-7 boost gauge

i'll post up a picture later

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I got the AutoGauge boost/voltmeter in one and it was decoding the rosetta stone! Davegtst wired mine in for me in the end, but it was complex :(

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i used the light on the cigy lighter for the lights pick up
well in fact i used the cigy lighter for all the pick ups via some relays

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i was just bout to say what honkongphoie said
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