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Ok main point here, we need 5 orders to make 10% discount on this item.
If you are interested, list your name below, will contact each member thereafter.

Item: Mine's RB6 Triple Flow Engine Baffle Plates
Apl: RB26 - ALL
Price: 22,060 JPY (EMS Postage Included / Pay Pal Fee Included)
Exchange =>

Mine's baffle plates help increase the return of oil into the crank case by using better quality top end baffle plates and foam inserts.

The factory inserts are meant to collect only so much oil, matched with poorly fitted steelwool inserts. They later tend to become sludged up and oil return problems begin.

A great upgrade for anyone that is track racing their vehicle and wants a bit of added oil control on the top end.

Image of product:

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