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I just wondered how many of you guys actually go out and roll around.

Why have you gone to cruises in the past ?

1) To be something special at the cruise ?
2) To laugh at what usually turns up at the cruise ?
3) To meet people who you have arranged to have a chin wag with ?

When I used to go out to SouthEnd and other such venues, we used to get a crowd of people and meet up and chat, usually laughing at the idiots and how they act in an environment which is obviously going to go wrong. Needless to say this is not a deterent to most people, who will even do silly things infront of the Police. ( :nonono: )

What experiences have people got nowadays ?

I ask this question because the weather is getting better and I would like to take a nice drive down to the coast at some point and see whats going on, but with new laws form the Police and if you turn up and you are seen to even be in the same location as a cruise you can now get a warning and also your car taken from you for being in the same location. ( :nonono: )

I would like to think you have rights to drive pretty much where you like and potentially not be linked to many of the above mentioed idiots who have spoilt things for the masses. ( :nonono: )

What are peoples ideas about all of this ?

I used to go to Chelsea every month untill the authorities decided it would be a good idea to take over move it into Battersea Park & charge everyone £50000000000 to go in. It used to be great sitting on the wall by the garage just watching (if you could park up) or staying in the car & racing whatever was next to you at the lights at the other end. Wont ever forget seeing a DeLorean there & about 10 guys all in fancy dress driving around in 2 tanks. Then there was the hour & half drive home at 2.30 in the morning in convoy all charged up racing through London:)

They were the days. That sort of cruise wont ever happen again.
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