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Go Faster Bits Stealth FX / Deceptor Pro Clearance

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The BOVs from GFB are really very trick and i have a couple available at clearance price. These are direct bolt on fit for R33 GTST/ R34 GTT;

The GFB Deceptor Pro;
A WORLD FIRST in blow-off valve technology, the Deceptor Pro is based on the patented volume adjustable Stealth FX blow-off valve, but advances the design even further, featuring an industry world first: electronic proportional in-car adjustment of blow-off valve volume! It is no longer possible to cruise the street with a permanently noisy blow-off valve - the Deceptor Pro lets you choose when and where you are noticed!

More information on GFB website;

Deceptor Pro features

  • Remote, proportional blow-off valve volume control – from silent to loud, and anywhere in between
  • Modern and compact in-car BOV ‘volume controller'
  • Volume adjustment mechanism driven by a high-torque electric motor
  • Durable, low friction gear train supported by sealed precision ball-bearings
  • Supplied with all parts and wiring necessary to have it up and running quickly and easily

RRP. £435.08 + post Clearance price £270 delivered :D


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The Stealth FX;
The world's first ADJUSTABLE NOISE BOV - for street or track conditions at a twist of the wrist!

Up until now, making your machine quiet for normal street use, has meant pulling your BOV off and putting it back on when you want that blow-off noise. Not surprisingly, it's been every enthusiasts dream to have a superbly engineered BOV that has absolute maximum throttle response and power in Full Blast mode for the track ... and with a flick of the wrist, runs quietly for the street.

Called the Stealth FX, this amazing breakthrough is now a reality, the latest in a string of Aussie innovations from Sydney-based hybrid technology experts, GO FAST BITS. It is, as its name implies, the ULTIMATE performance breakthrough in BOV technology, pioneered in the GFB R&D lab.

By utilising a unique air diverting system you control exactly how much air you dump to the atmosphere for noise, or the inlet for silence. By sending the vented air back to the inlet (rather than muffling it), there is no restriction and the valve still operates at maximum efficiency. For cars with sensitive air flow meters, the valve can be tuned to vent just enough air back to the inlet to prevent backfiring whilst giving the loudest possible blow-off noise. No more guessing which valve will work on your car - this one will do it all!

Colours available: red, blue, silver or black.

RRP: £320.11 + post Clearance Price £169 Delivered :D:D

Again more information on the Go Faster Bits Website;


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