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going to rising sun tomorrow wish me luck

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ok im realy exsited about getting my car maped tomorrow, ive already spoke to damo and rich, thay have booked me in for 9.00 am, so up early for me, its only 88 miles from were i live in essex there are tuners that are just around the corner to me but ive been riped off to many time, and for a little while didnt think ther was a good turner out ther intill you lot said that rising sun have always give the right results for you lot, i will keep you posted to how i get on and what power the old girl gives out, mods at the moment are a single turbo conversion gt35 turbo a/r70 inlet a/r68 ex hks wastgate 4" fmic 50mm dump valve sard 700 injectors, 3"full nismo exhaust nismo fuel regulater tomie adjustable cam pulleys greedy timing belt greedy pulleys hks avc6 boost controller cosworth 1.8 steel gaskey hks manifold gasket hks inlet gasket, 90mm rips single thottle greedy pleanuim oil relocaton and oil cooler im keeping the standerd pump for now intil i get hks or tomei one fitted i just want a mape done with a dyno read out i will be happy with 400bhp at the flywheel but i may get little more if the boy wave ther magic on her with the mods ive done and lets say i get a uprated fuel pump with the mods ive donb what will i see in bhp your thoughts please :)
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good luck with it...with that mods you should make a good figure

keep us posted !!! :D
what power figer do you think and ill let you now on the day whether your close m8
Good luck with it Paul, i hope you get some nice figures aint hitting the limiter at 3000 anymore LOL!
yep thanks that nismo fuel reg works a treat with these mods what do you think the power will be ?
Im sure the lads at rsp will do you proud mate. Ps.. Dont forget to post up the results.
yep thanks that nismo fuel reg works a treat with these mods what do you think the power will be ?
No probs :)

Not sure on power mate, i rekon you will easily do 400 and fuel pump depending 500
very happy big thanks to richard at rising sun

ok got back from rising sun today, a big thanks to richard what a geniune guy, car made 280 whp, but richard could not get a full mape done as ther was underlining problems with boost exhaust wastgate was not opening intill 1.6 bar so made it to hard for the evc boost controller to contolle boost spike and it just grop down to 0.9 bar 5,300 revs also my turbin housing needs to be bigger its only 0.68 a/r so ill most probly go with a 0.98 or bigger and tomie 280lph pump, and get that wastgate spring or changed , richard said he will do the final mape i should see 550-600 flyweel, stonger clutch will be needed lol but will see keep you posted
will post some pics when im ther next, ther are some real machines at rising sun , just about to order a gt45 tubo with a ex 1.05 a/r that should do the job plus a nice tomie pump and a hks ex wastegate looking forword to 600 flywheel power maybe moooooooooooooooooooooooooor lol :bananasmile:
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