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Hey Lads,

First of all, it's pretty awesome that there's such a strong Kiwi community on this website, great to see there's plenty of experienced and inexperienced dudes all sharing the love of their rides and helping each other out with advice etc.

I'm a relatively new Skyline owner, decided to get rid of my lady and buy a car instead and so far I've been happy with how things are going! I've got a 96 R33 GTS-25T running a RB25DET, I'm not sure if it's a type M or not? Anyway, let's just say even though it's auto, I've been loving the rush of being in control of something so fast and powerful, the roar when you put your foot down, the way the car grips through corners at high speed, flying from 0-100+kph in the blink of an eye... I'm addicted to that feeling already.

I've attached some pics of my special lady, she's pretty damn clean, not too many miles on her at 33,000ks.

Anyway, just wanted to say hello and if you have any advice or similar experiences when you first got your skyline then feel free to share!


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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