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Goodyear F1 GSD3 or Toyo T1-R ??

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I need a new pair of front tyres, rang a few places...

I can get a pair of GSD3's for £115 each or T1-R's for £172 fitted.

Taking into account the price difference, are the Toyo's much better than the GSD3's to justify spending extra cash for them?

I have to make a quick choice, I'm leaving in two days for a trip around Benelux and need something asap, today actually :)

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gds3's for excellent grip all round and a lasting tyre for normal use, the toyos are great for track but not in wet and wont last as long for daily use
Thanks for the rapid answer Mr Doodoo :)
Eagle's are sooo much better than the Toyo's in the wet.
Actually nearly anything is better than toyo's in the wet lol!
Yup the F1s piss all over the toyos for wet grip

Fact. :D

Worth every penny extra
the toyos are great for track but not in wet and wont last as long for daily use
Not much good in the snow either!!!! Goodyear's for general road use every time....

I've gone from Dunlops to Toyo's (only because they came on the new alloys) and, as has been said, the toyos are awefull in the wet. Actually they are dangerous in the wet, wheel spinning in 3rd gear and I only have 220bhp at the moment. As soon as I have the money I am changing them. I will never buy toyo tyres, total and utter crap give me back my Dunlop sport maxx's
i,ve got goodyear f1 on the rear and don,t trust them in the wet, i could spin them up in 3rd no probs. might be different now my car is manual.
For durability anything other than the Toyo's. Great dry grip bu mine were worn down to the wire in less than 6000 kms!!!
Thats a strange price comparison as usually quotes i get, the F1s are near twice the price of the T1-Rs... F1s are better overall...
I got the F1's fitted today for £230. That's 2 front tyres 235x40x18.
The reason the were cheap(ish) is that they're the GSD3 ones which are discontinued and replaced by the Asymmetrics.
thats about the usual price for them i was paying approx 130 a tyre for the gds3's

i think the asymetrics are a little more expensive
but still have a stock of gds3s to keep me going till summer
I seem to be all on my own on here running Dunlops
I seem to be all on my own on here running Dunlops
Looks like it!!!! ;) lol

All 3 of my imports came over from Japan with Dunlops on 'em. I had no issue with Dunlops

In the defence of Dunlop tyres I'd say they are consistent & reliable (wet, dry, etc..) They just don't excel in any one particular type of weather condition. Good choice if you only have the one set of alloys on your car all year round.

1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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