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Usually when I look for Skyline stuff via a search, I just whack it into Google. Occured to me today that there's more chance of coming across unusual stuff if I was to look at Jap sites, so I went to instead and had a search for R32 stuff there. Found some interesting things so far, and some cool pics, especially of kits I'd never seen before. Thought I'd link to some random hits I came across that are worth a look:

Some cool 32 pics. I quite like the red 4-door with the black bonnet and roof. Looks mean as f*ck.

M's factory

Appears to be some dudes personal page about his R32. The gallery section has some good pics of all sorts of Skylines. (Including a 4-door 34)

Liking the yellow one.Shame the pics are so small.

East Bear aero bits

Some kind of skyline history page?

Looks to be pics from this years Autosalon show.

Looks like some kind of Skyline museum. Anyone know anything about this?

A meet of some kind. Maybe some kind of anniversary thing?

GTS-t with a 1JZ-GTE dumped in.

I think this is a valeting company or something. Looks like before and after shots.

Some pics of a manky looking GTS-t getting a manky looking SR20 dropped in.

Some 32GTR porn:
Pic 1
Pic 2

Stunning white GTS-t

An ugly ass widebody kit being made :wtf:

They really can't decide on a colour. Use the blue arrow to go through the pages

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Love the R32, cheers for that. Last one with the series of pics is so random. All that effort then they total it lol

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Some cool stuff there mate.

Looking on jap google is like going to a completely different world....There is so many sites about stuff you havent even heard of!
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