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Got my wheels refurd by the "Wheeldoctor"!

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I just got my wheels refurbished by the wheeldoctor!

Am amazed at the quality of the workmanship, it is simply amazing!
Paint was flaking on my wheels and there was quite a lot of kerbing and scratch marks on the lip, but it's all perfect now!
I'l let the pics do the talking!:

Unbelievable work at a massive "Thank You" to the wheeldoctor!
Comes reccomended from me any day of the week!
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Dammit, cant make the pics any bigger:(
That looks like a very good quality job they have done mate? :cool:

Would love to get my Ultralite's sorted like that:bigthumb:
we have cube wheels here who do an excelent job and rare rims, send them a pm and they will offer you a great deal with members discount
Be good to get the polished rims cleaned up again, something that had bugged me since i brought the car? thanks for the info mate, will have to have a look into it:bigthumb:
he charged 85per wheel because a few people got it done so i got a discount.
The normal price would be 75euro for a non polished rim and 95euro for a polished rim.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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